Prosperity never forgets the country

Every time he quarreled with others, Zeng Guofan would write down the story in his diary and then reflect on it through gritted teeth:

“Never do that again. Be modest and keep your temper in check.”

The next day, he finds the object of yesterday’s quarrel, bows and apologizes.

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With time and again mistakes and repentance, Zeng Guofan from which to understand the truth of life.

He summed up the “three facts” : “Do not boast, seek vanity, do not fly in the face of emptiness, do not talk about too high a reason”.

For example, in the battle against the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom, he never gave any credit to himself, but always attributed the military achievements to his subordinates or even to the emperor.

This won him the love of his subordinates and even the trust of the emperor.

Zeng Guofan said, “Because you know so much and ask so much, you know so much.High line, so cultivate one’s virtue.

If you don’t know, you have to learn to ask. Therefore, you will be widely aware that your conduct and words are not perfect. Therefore, you have to lower your attitude to cultivate yourself.

Low posture, is a kind of practice.

Zeng Guofan said, “To be good is to be happy without seeking knowledge.”

People who do good are happy in their hearts and don’t want others to know it.

For the true good is not to be shown to others, and if it is done only to impress itself, then this impure goodness is the most detested of all.

Zeng Guofan told his son in his later years that “kindness is greater than pardon”.

To do good consists not only in doing good, but in being kind and forgiving of other people’s faults. This is the greatest of all kindnesses.

At the age of 34, Zeng Guofan was promoted to the position of Daoguang Emperor, and he was promoted to be a bachelor of arts.

Prosperity never forgets the country.He sent a thousand talers and took out four hundred of them as gifts to his relatives.

In his letter home, he explained his reasons:

A gas in my house is too prosperous, can not be extra careful, think the way to keep The profit of baitai.

Second, all the relatives are poor, the elderly, today not slightly Ci help (read ci, funding), is another I don’t know how.

In his letters, he always urged his younger brothers not to mention his name when distributing gifts of silver to their relatives. It can be seen that Zeng Guofan was a very kind man.

Li Wei once said, “The best feng shui in life is to have a kind and grateful heart.”

At the moment, many people do not know how to be grateful, look at the hierarchy of people, do not have the heart of compassion, regard human kindness as a transaction.Whenever you do something good, you should publish it online to earn popularity.

Such “good” is distorted, more or less mixed with “evil” elements.

The true good is not for fame or profit, but for conscience.

He who does good is happy; he who does good is blessed all his life.Please forward and share, Fusheng boundless!

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  • People who are good at doing things are happy and don’t want others to know

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