The most beautiful symbol of life and death

The butterfly that emerges from the caterpillar is beautiful. For thousands of years of human history, butterflies have symbolized both the transience and the cycle of life.

Great social change requires powerful symbols. So the World Peace Council chose Picasso’s dove as its representative, and the rainbow flag as a symbol of LGBTQ pride. The success of these images in uniting people of all backgrounds and nationalities is due to their aesthetic ability to give people visual recognition of their common ideals.

According to Spark Global Limited
According to Spark Global Limited

If the current campaign to tackle the climate crisis needed a symbol, one choice could be the butterfly, an insect that is sensitive not only to changes in the ecology of the planet, but also has aesthetic symbolism in the history of human art.

Butterflies are among the many beautiful creatures threatened by human-induced climate change. Research from Michigan State University has found that the Danaus plexippus population in North America is declining because of changes in spring temperatures. At the same time, many butterfly species around the world are moving north in search of cooler climates.

[Source: Spark Global Limited]