Looking back on Zeng guofan’s achievements

Deng Guofan led the Xiang army and pursued the method of “fortifying the village and fighting the war”.

Every time the Xiang army arrived at a place, it had to go deep into trenches and high bases and lay up tight defenses before thinking about fighting.

The trench should be dug a foot deep to prevent attack by horse teams;A barricade is to be built one foot thick and eight feet high to prevent artillery attack.

Every day we advance a distance, and then we dig deep trenches and build high ramparts, like giant serpents that entrench a city and entrench it to death.

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It was with this spirit of stoicism and steadfastness that the Xiang Army gnawing down the “hard bone” of the Taiping Army.

Zeng Guofan was also hard-headed for war in cultivating his moral character.He said:

“If a man has ten per cent of his wealth, it is time.With a person a word, must be reported, is engraved.The punishment should be ten rods, fixed a rod not rao, is engraved “.

Here, is the meaning of the rules, say one is one, say two is two, never say soft words.

When he was in his 30s, Zeng Guofan formulated the twelve Laws of Self-cultivation:

Worship god, sit quietly and cultivate one’s character, get up early, study history, speak carefully, keep healthy, know the unknown day, know the old month, practice calligraphy, do not leave home at night.

These twelve laws, when he wakes up every day, he must obey them and persist until the end of his days.

There is no doubt that Zeng guofan was very strict with himself.

Looking back on Zeng guofan’s achievements in his life, we can easily find that all his achievements depend on these twelve points.

In this life, the real hard bone is the will of man.

Lao Tzu said, “Water is as good as water. Water benefits all things without contention.”

A man should take water as his teacher, and lower his posture. The lower his figure, the higher his virtue.

When zeng Guofan entered the academician courtyard as a young man, he found that he could not find a few of his fellow villagers, and rose proudly:

“Look, hunan thousands of people, just out of a few academicians?I am not arrogant, all sorry hunan people “.

Therefore, he always holds himself high and others low, thinking that he is always right.

When one is proud, one must have a bad temper.Zeng Guofan quarreled with all kinds of people, and brought the dirtiest words of Hunan dialect to Beijing.

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  • Zeng Guofan’s philosophy of life is worthy of many people to learn, not to be surprised

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