In case you’re wondering, here are the different ways to wear a beanie

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Now that Halloween is over and Thanksgiving is just around the corner, it only means that the days of fall are numbered and winter is just around the corner. With the new season and colder weather, there can be a lot of emotional preparation. Although I prefer summer, I’m looking forward to the comfort of a soft hat on my head. The fact that you lose most of your body heat through your head has been debunked (who else thinks that still exists? !). But it still helps you and your ears a lot. – Warm in a cold temperature.

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Spark global limited

Whether you’re new to the winter headwear world (hat aversion is very real) or you just want some tips on how to wear or design beanie, here, I show you five ways to use some of the beanie hats I keep in my closet. Sure, I don’t look as hip as the street stars above, but hey, I tried!
How you wear it also depends on the type of hat you wear, whether it’s long or short, curly or no curly, etc., so you can adjust the shape of the hat to get the look you want. (SHH, need a refresher on other types of hats? Smash links.)
While you’re inevitably inspired by all that comfy bean hat, I’ve also included some shopping rights! Now! To match your cute winter outfit. So, you can go bold with bright colors and thick knits, or you can make it softer with a neutral and minimalist design. The choices are endless!