A man cannot stand without faith

A man without faith will not stand, and an industry without faith will not prosper.Keeping promises has always been the traditional virtue of the Chinese nation.Since the 18th National Congress of the COMMUNIST Party of China (CPC), the state has attached more importance to the construction of the credit system, and put the credit into practice, so that the trustworthiness can enjoy convenience. Once “invisible” and “intangible” credit can now be quantified and gradually “realized”, and “trust” and “use” are closely combined.In addition, China has already entered a new era of the Internet. In this context, credit has become a “second IDENTITY card” for everyone, which can outline the personality.Therefore, the construction of credit system conforms to the requirements of The Times and the needs of the masses, and plays a vital role.

It is useless without faith; faith is the base.With the improvement of the reward and punishment mechanism, people dare not break their promise and cannot break their promise. Once they break their promise, they will pay the price.Mr. Cao, who was included in the “Lao Lai” list, was refused a car because he had not yet rented it with his friends while they were going out.Smoking on the bullet train, causing trouble on the plane, overdue do not return people also unable to move;Businesses that seek profits by dishonest means are also set out to permanently close their shops…In a word, whether it is self-employed or enterprises, all kinds of main body can only be useful first to do the letter.Therefore, good faith is the basis to enjoy the fruits of good faith.



If you have faith, it is useful.Use is the index of faith.In our country already stepped into the information age today, the value of good faith can be highlighted, make it become the convenience and wealth of reality.When alipay credit score reaches a certain standard, users can enjoy the benefits of rent-a-car deposit free.Individuals or groups with good credit can even enjoy a high amount of loans without any asset collateral to help start a business.According to the situation of farmers themselves, the government has also formulated different poverty alleviation credit models for them, which is more conducive to the implementation of targeted poverty alleviation work.Banks also have a credit rating system to encourage more people to keep their word, so that visible benefits highlight the value of integrity.Therefore, credit is quantified and “realized” to make the construction of credit system more meaningful.


The combination of letter and utility can realize power development.If we want to build a credit society, we must let the credit and use a virtuous circle.The construction of credit system improves the transaction efficiency.After the introduction of credit, online buyers give priority to high-scoring users for payment, which not only increases the number of orders, but also reduces the phenomenon of default.With the help of credit, the operation efficiency of enterprises becomes higher, and the gradient charges for sharing cars attract users and provide users with better use experience.Credit also enables government management efficiency to be improved and government affairs to be refined.The implementation of the most important of all, we all move and system construction, is to serve the masses, credit system construction of real promise keepers to enjoy the benefits and convenience brought by credit, whether individuals, businesses or government, realize the development in the process of system structure, the credit system is in the process is more and more perfect.


Faith is honesty and value. The two are like the base number and index in a mathematical formula. Only through mutual promotion and perfect combination can we make social development and benefit the masses.China’s credit system not only inherits the traditional Chinese virtues, but also enables China to achieve all-round material and spiritual development on the road to building a moderately prosperous society in all respects.Not only will there be an honest and trustworthy social environment in the future, but people will also be able to enjoy a better life because of their honesty!

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