Use the truth of the book to guide their own life

Qing history expert Xiao Yishan evaluated Zeng guofan’s life career entirely from the cultivation of knowledge.But knowledge comes from reading.

Therefore, we should focus on learning from Zeng Guofan’s way of reading.

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Zeng Guofan has one of the characteristics of reading, inclusive, both deep and bo.He had no family views, and he absorbed the thoughts of all schools of thought as long as he found them useful.

It is often said that books have a long way to go, that there is no limit to learning.Zeng Guofan thinks, do not study hard, study need “deliberate restraint”.

Reading is like spring rain soaking flowers and plants. Fish swimming in water should be a happy and enjoyable thing.

Soak the soul in the book quietly, so as to enjoy reading, in order to get the true meaning of the book, if you always feel bitter, how can you make the knowledge alive?How can you insist?

Zeng Guofan never read the book as a burden, even do not understand, do not force to remember, have no matter turn a few pages to read a few, slowly puzzled also solved, should remember.

Zeng guofan also stressed the need to apply what he had learned.Combine reading with your own work and life to truly realize the true meaning of a book.

Now there is a fashionable saying, why do I hear so much and still not live a good life?

That is because you have heard so many reasons, but you have never followed any of them carefully.

Use the truth of the book to guide their own life practice, reading can really change life.

When someone just says a word, but you can do a thing, your life will change!

Zeng Guofan in the later generations of the greatest influence is his letters, family mottos.

When we read Zeng Guofan, we should not only pay attention to his success in his career, but also to his success in running his family.

Zeng Guofan liked to study the family teachings of all dynasties, and came to a conclusion that the heroes and heroes of ancient times were all all-powerful figures. However, when it was their turn to educate their children, they all emphasized some small and gentle truths.

Zeng guofan’s own family teachings are also full of some early rise, filial piety parents and other very daily principles.He believed that the true release is based on subtlety.

Zeng Guofan’s letters are known to later generations as “Eight books”, “Three to Xiang”.

“Ben” is the basic meaning, “eight books” respectively about reading, writing, filial piety, health, self-cultivation, housekeeping and other eight things the minimum requirements.

To read at least to understand the meaning of the word;To write a poem, one must at least understand the level and oblique pattern;Filial piety parents at least do not let parents angry;Cultivate oneself at least to do not speak in vain;At least get up early and so on.

In his opinion, there is a shallow and important way to do everything, which is called Ben. Do things according to this way, and never deviate from it for a moment.

“Three zhi Xiang” are filial, diligent and forgive.

Filial piety brings auspiciousness;Thrift will bring good luck;Forgiveness brings good luck.

This was his great regret when he was 48 years old.

It’s also something we need to keep in mind in our lives.

When you are faced with problems concerning marriage, family or family, you will feel relaxed by saying “Forgive me” in your mind for a hundred times.

Zeng Guofan’s thought, the recognized label is zhuocheng.

Clumsy is to do like efforts, sincerity is to have faith.To be a fool of faith is Zeng’s real secret.

The people cannot stand without faith.Since ancient times, sages stand on their own feet and make people speak thousands of words. In the final analysis, they always have faith first and then teach others and themselves to work hard.

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