After cooling down, how to wear more advanced down jacket?

Spark Global Limited reports:

The temperature of winter season drops rapidly, no matter be 30 or 40 years old light mature woman, still be 50 or 60 years old mature woman, in order to win warm warmth is comfortable, in almirah little not down jacket. Do not cross although down jacket keeps out cold warmth, but the woman age is older, do not notice to dress skill to wear a bloated feeling more easily.

So in winter, how old women with the help of collocation to resolve the down jacket rigid and bloated? Don’t worry, let’s take a look at this shared demonstration of how to wear down jackets. After cooling down, how to wear more advanced down jacket? Learn from these five tips to get more stylish as you get older. I hope I can provide you with a clue!

One, elastic combination

I believe that many people are not keen on using down jackets to create a look. In the final analysis, the reason is that down jackets are too fluffy, and the internal padding is easy to look fat. But in fact, this can be solved by collocation.

Spark Global Limited reports:
Spark Global Limited reports:

For example, in winter, women in their 50s and 60s can choose straight tailored suit pants or small foot pants combination down jacket. With smooth tailoring and smooth and flexible material, suit pants can easily modify the leg lines and balance the swelling feeling of down jacket.

On the other hand, black jeans or black leggings are low-key, practical and slimmer. They work well with a down jacket to create a combination of tightness and warmth, comfort and relaxation.

In addition, middle-aged and old women still can have the help of skirt of buttock of tall Fanny pack to build slender and graceful figure curve, can make the visual effect that goes up similarly panasonic tight, show figure dissolved bloated feeling again.

However, in this way, it is best to wear the down jacket with an open style or directly over the shoulder, so that the inside and the hip skirt perfect connection, the overall line will be more smooth and coherent.

Two, to create a high waist line

A lot of people wear puffy and old-fashioned down jackets, many times because of the shape of the waist line blurred, such as direct combination of long profile down jackets with wide legs pants.

In order to dissolve modelling bloated feeling, grandma generation can try to bring with the aid of waist to tie waist line in winter, especially when wearing all sorts of long or long down jacket, there is no belt difference in modelling very big.

In addition, with the aid of short inside build and tall waist bottom outfit also can rise to raise waist line position, nevertheless inside build had better give priority to with cultivate one’s morality money, avoid to occupy too much interior space.

Three, the interior and the bottom of the same color

The way to make the wearer look longer and smoother can also be achieved with the help of color smoothing techniques, such as choosing the same color for the inside and bottom.

The biggest advantage of this technique lies in its simplicity and practicality. In winter, regardless of the bread suit that goes through the waist but not the knee, or the a-version down jacket and profile down jacket are used to enhance the field of energy, narrow and long H type can be created with the help of the same color department’s inner lap and lower outfit, which can easily show the height and thinness.

But inside and bottom color is best from the classic color selection, such as black, beige or gray.

There is also a wide range of options for grannies when it comes to matching shades and bottoms, from a black knit and black cropped trousers to a beige sweater and beige wide-leg trousers.

If you do not want to be too laborious, and want to win the senior feeling, then it is suggested to directly combine the suit or skirt, warm comfortable and atmospheric.

Four, the combination of light and shade

The down jacket of autumn and winter season is usually thicker and has a very high proportion in a set of modelling, which also means that colour application is the most important factor affecting the dressing effect.

In addition to emphasizing the continuity of the look with the help of interior and bottom colors, grannies can also use the combination of light and shade techniques to balance temperature and style.

The most common is to use black combination of all kinds of color department, similar here with yellow down jacket fold black bottom unlined upper garment, with black down jacket combination red pants, light and shade more colorful.

The combination of light and dark skills mainly through bright color contrast to create a sense of visual impact, can easily break the winter depressing feeling. In addition, this technique can use color contrast to cut more perfect body proportions.

For example, we can use color over waist down jacket combination of dark high waist pants, easily create 46 ratio.

Five, down jacket + ankle boots

On fashionable have model, short boot rides absolute dust, in qiu dong season, worry to use down jacket combination small white shoe to do not have window, so might as well choose short boot.

Short boots on one hand can promote modelling fashionable degree and agile feeling, on the other hand, short boots also can further have the line of sight outspread effect, make a big long leg and improve figure scale easily.

Small people can use small pants combination chimney boots, not pick people and show long legs.

If the head is tall, then you might as well use wide-leg trousers to link up a short down jacket, combined with pointed ankle boots, stylish and free and easy.

The above is the down jacket to share this time, if you are still worried about the down jacket collocation is too bloated and old-fashioned, then might as well learn from these five collocation skills!