How to deal with bad calligraphy practice

The ancients cloud, full recruit damage, modest benefit.

Often, the higher the status of people, do more modest, treat people more gentle.Similarly, when a person always remain modest, self-restraint, things will become more and more smooth.

Zeng Guofan’s philosophy of life is particularly representative of one of his “ting Jing”.

What do you mean by “taming jing”?It can be understood as insistence and responsibility.

People, workplace, workplace etiquette

While others were watching, I stood up and took responsibility.Everyone else lost, broke down and gave up. I stood up to the end. That is persistence.

Commitment and persistence are the secret ways of Zeng guofan’s success in his life.

Zeng Guofan was indomitable and persevered until he died if he did not achieve his goal.

The scholar only took the exam seven times, and the jinshi took the exam three times;

Keep a diary till the day you die;

Work till you die;

Read, read until the day of death;

The body is bad all the time, energy is insufficient, how to do?He said that the more we use the spirit, the more bitter the wisdom, the clearer, not too weak to cherish the body.

How to deal with bad calligraphy practice?Adhere to the practice.

He taught his son to copy calligraphies. When it was difficult, he did not make any progress until he had gone through it.Progress again encounter difficulties, endure again forge ahead, there will be a successful day.

In his opinion, not only the calligraphy, everything has a very difficult time, hit through, is a good man.

Listen to it in the day, do its in me, do my best to undertake, do my best to adhere to, this is.

One’s outlook on life determines the course of life.

In life, successful people are not always the most intelligent and dominant ones. Most of the time, they are the ones who have the courage to take on responsibilities and persevere bravely. Only when they love to fight can they win.

Zeng Guofan had a poor physical condition and was a weak scholar. He often fell ill when he was young and suffered from great work pressure. Therefore, he thought a lot about health preservation.

He has a big concept of health, is based on his outlook on life, a person should have the awareness of the maintenance of the body, but it does not mean that you have the health of how.

In his opinion, the length of a life and the presence or absence of disease are all subject to the day, and there is no need to care more about delusion.

Zeng Guofan was also very good at summarizing health preservation methods in his life.

The best health regimen, he believes, is good eating and sleeping habits.

Zeng Guofan ate only the usual food, which was light.He had told his son in a letter that he did not eat meat at dinner, stew stew, stew, rotten, eat quite easy, but also relatively nourishing.

Zeng Guofan’s sleep in his later years was not good. Sometimes he could not sleep, and he did not insist on it. Every day, he took some time to sit quietly and close his eyes to rest.

He also focused on tempering desire and controlling anger.He said that it is an accepted truth that all diseases come from the breath.

However, Although Zeng Guofan has this awareness, but his nature is a violent temper.Sometimes it is impossible to do, can not do it, do it naturally.

Thus it can be seen that these health preservation methods mentioned by Zeng Guofan are nothing more than eating and sleeping, which are the most common things in daily life.

Therefore, it is the foundation of health preservation that we should develop good living habits, maintain regular daily life and obey nature.

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  • Handwriting and calligraphy or other methods are always about self-cultivation.

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