A friend once pointed out to his face

Zeng Guofan, a mediocrity, was able to turn himself around only because of two things.

One is the “early riser”, who always rises at dawn and never procrastinates.

Second, it is “constant”, every day to read, never break.

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Zeng Guofan is called “Polyester sheng”, which means: get rid of the old, in order to usher in the past of the new.

To motivate yourself to learn every day, not to advance is to drop back.

Born in an ordinary peasant family, the “mediocrities” can become a famous courtier in the Qing Dynasty after taking the examination of the scholar, which reminds us more:

In addition to talent, diligence and virtue, but also can let a person towards success.

What is called:

The upper limit of life to see the pattern, talented people, to remember the humble calm;

The lower limit of life looks at the attitude, the genius is stupid, then must letter diligence can make up.

Zeng Guofan is one of the few people in China who have been able to stand up to the three immortals in the past two or three thousand years.

Liang Qichao praised Zeng Guofan: there were two adults in the history.

He was a successful official who achieved the highest position of the Han people at that time and was given the title of Marquis.

He was also a successful general who founded the Xiang Army, which became the most powerful military force of the Qing Dynasty.

He is also a great scholar, who has in-depth study of the various schools of traditional Chinese culture and has a good combination with life practice.

He is a good father and an excellent educator.Under his education, his brothers and nephews would come forth in large numbers.

Dr. Sun Yat-sen wrote a couplet: “Keep the heaven and earth healthy, the law ancient and modern perfect.”

Zeng Guofan is a “perfect man” worthy of our lifelong emulation.

“Zhuocheng” this book, the thought wisdom system of Zeng Guofan has carried on the detailed comb and the essence refinement.Gu Yuan, the author of this book, has studied traditional culture deeply for many years and spent nearly 20 years refining and sorting out zeng Guofan’s dry goods.

Zeng Guofan once said, humility and tolerance are your prime minister.

His favorite line in the Book of Changes is that a man of honor and modesty must have good luck.Uphold diligence and modesty, will eventually have an auspicious ending.

But he used to be very cocky.

Later, before he went to Beijing to be an official, he visited his grandfather Xingganggong, Xingganggong would say, your official is likely to be very big, you are also quite talented, I just remind you one thing, is never be proud.

Zeng guofan was not able to improve because of his grandfather’s lessons, and he never did well in this respect.In his diary at the age of 33, a friend once pointed out to his face that his first problem was “arrogance with friends”.

When he did assistant minister, he was out of tune with the officialdom in the capital. When he founded the xiang army, he had a tense relationship with the local officialdom for one proud reason.

Therefore, this is one of the most important aspects of his great regret and enlightenment, he deeply realized: the world ancient and modern mediocre, all with an inactive word to defeat, the world ancient and modern talented people with a proud word to defeat.

This proud word to quit, is a big stumble, and may even bring death.So, in the years of his old age, he always everywhere with modest words to remind himself, remind children.

Zeng guofan’s modesty is not only for the sake of keeping profit and botai deliberately, but based on his continuous deep thinking about life.

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  • Insist on speaking early and insist on reading and learning. Accumulate strength like this and you will succeed in the end

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