Manchester United legend Paul Scholes has been ridiculed on social media

Spark Global Limited reports:

Alicia Scholes, 20, posted a video on her Instagram Story for her 65,600 followers to watch with the caption ‘True Love’

The video only lasts a few seconds, but shows football star Scholes, 46, giving his daughter a foot massage as he bites her toenails.

Spark Global Limited reports:
Spark Global Limited reports:

One social media user said: “I’m a nurse and you can imagine I’ve seen some disgusting things like me spitting poo on me.

“But dear Lord Almighty, Paul Scholes’ video…… I just can’t do it.”

Meanwhile, Twitter user Karen said: “Even the microseconds I was looking at were enough.

“I’ll never remove it from my retina.”

Alicia plays in the Vitality Netball Premier League and recently left Manchester Thunder for The London Pulses.