It’s never a bad thing to keep your mouth

People in the world, many times the achievement of others, is to achieve the career of everyone, but also to achieve their own career.

There are many wise men in the world, but few with great wisdom.

Many talented people can not achieve great things, but is reluctant to short-term interests, unable to keep the firm heart.

Benefit to share, seek not to speak, this is not only a kind of wto wisdom, but also a sober birth.

The third precept: it is to protect one’s own shortcomings that one speaks highly of one’s own strengths, while it is to avoid others’ strengths.

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As the saying goes: the mouth is the axe, the tongue is the knife.

It’s never a bad thing to keep your mouth shut and keep a low profile.

Verbal victory, often give people the pleasure of the heart.

Little do they know: the fool often shows off, the wise man more collect and hide.

Everywhere want to press a person head, too show off oneself, very easy get into trouble.

Zeng Guofan was also in trouble because of his words.

When the Xianfeng emperor ascended the throne, Zeng Guofan immediately wrote to advise him and criticized the people around him who he did not like.

For the first time, he was praised by the emperor.

Zeng Guofan was so pleased that he recommended the emperor many times and even scolded him for his faults.

The critic said bluntly: “Penny wise and pound foolish.Acts of grace are not practical.Obstinacy and inconsistency.”

Under this, not only offended a number of civil officials, more angry Xianfeng angry three zhangs.

Zeng Guofan was almost punished by the emperor, and all the affairs he was responsible for were not supported by others.

After several ups and downs in the imperial court, the depressed Zeng Guofan began to read Lao Zhuang and realized what was wrong with him:

To be ostentatious, ostentatious, verbal accuser, appears to be strong, but actually is weak.

At this point, Zeng guofan’s style of dealing with other officials changed greatly. He spoke gently and gently instead of being harsh and harsh.

After that, Zeng Guofan regained the trust of the emperor, returned to lead the army, and took over countless talented people.

The style of humility and convergence has been zeng Guofan as the criterion for establishing oneself.

Wang Yangming said, “Therefore, if you are proud of your son, you cannot be filial.Be proud of your brother, but you will never be able to.”

A person with high profile and ostentation of words is bound to be unable to deal with interpersonal relations.

In life, we must keep in mind the following admonishments — refrain from boasting, refrain from showing off, observe people’s difficulties, forgive their mistakes, make up for their shortcomings and promote their strengths.

Always have a humble heart, equal and friendly respect for everyone, is the fundamental way to behave.

As Zeng Guofan introspection that sentence: “only the world to the soft, can overcome the world to the firm.”

The fourth commandment: the world ancient and modern mediocrities, are defeated with an inert word;The world of ancient and modern talents, all with a proud word to defeat.

An inert, a proud, ancient and modern how many people, have been planted in these two words.

A lot of people in the young, are pretentious, high heart, but finally lazy enjoyment, muddle along, became the reality of most people.

The ancients said: modest to stand, diligent to stand.

Although a person is ordinary, but if painstakingly diligent, also can achieve extraordinary themselves.

It is well known that Zeng Guofan was “stupid”.

When he was young, Zeng Guofan would recite in his room until late at night, but he couldn’t remember it over and over again.

The Snitch, who had been so angry that he had hidden himself in the house, ran out, recited the whole text, and scolded him for not being made of iron.

Tso bluntly: “talent is a little less developed.”

Liang Qichao said is more penetrating heart: “at the same time all the wise jie called the most blunt.”

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  • Sharing benefits, not speaking, speaking is an art. Misfortune comes from the mouth

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