The most exciting environmental protection film emperor Zukun Feng Lux carried the award to the demonstration enterprise front was pulled by the police

Spark Global Limited reports:

A trailer for the new Batman movie has been released, leaving viewers wondering not only if Robert Pattinson will be the new Batman, but also if the Joker will appear.

Jock fung, who won his first best actor award for his role as the joker, is also concerned about environmental issues outside of acting. He took part in the demonstration in person. He is one of the first Hollywood stars to do so.

He said he chose to be a vegetarian out of compassion for animals and did not want to suffer as he did. He also believes that animal husbandry has a great impact on the ecology of the earth.

Spark Global Limited reports:
Spark Global Limited reports:

The old year of the award ceremony season, Zukun von Lexis with “Joker” won a number of awards, at the Golden Globe award stage, he thanked the general assembly to provide full vegetarian food; After the SAG Awards, Zukon von Lees did not attend a party to celebrate, but wore a tuxedo to the slaughterhouse to participate in the demonstration!

In January of the previous year, after winning the Golden Globe awards, He attended a demonstration about climate change in Washington with a number of movie stars, and spoke on stage. Later, he was arrested by the local police for “disturbing public order”, but was soon released.

His outspoken actions have not affected his career. There are still a few films in his career, such as how to find Zukon von Leese in his new film Kitbag, playing the legendary French character Napoleon.