These unclever and stupid methods always work

Scholar Zhang Hongjie said in Zeng Guofan’s Front and Side:

“Zeng Guofan’s greatest significance for future generations is that he proved with his own practice that a human being can become a superman through cultivating and changing.”

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In fact, Zeng Guofan’s life can not advance without a “quit” word.

Read Zeng Guofan this “four commandments”, we can also benefit for life.

The first commandment: do not do things of long interest, do not go to the land.

There is a popular saying in ancient China: drought makes a boat; water makes a car.

It means that every step takes two.

To see the essence through the appearance, one can see deeper and go farther.

After all, there is no such thing as once and for all, the surface of the bright things, often is a mirror, a handful of broken.

A lot of time, the thing of long interest, people contend for a place, look like hot, actually may be a hot potato.

During the Warring States Period, Qin was militarily powerful.

The state of Han, fearful of the state of Qin, surrendered shangdang, the place qin had been trying to occupy, to the state of Zhao.

The state of Zhao is pleased to receive, the pie that falls from the sky income bag, unexpectedly this move the cheese of other people.

Soon, the troops of The State of Qin overwhelmed the state of Zhao, and zhao was unable to fight back.

This was the famous “Battle of Changping” in history.

Sun Tzu said, the worries of a wise man must be mixed with his interests.

People have greed and ambition, take a shortcut is human nature, even if the fire danger, a careless is suicide.

But really smart people, can see behind the risks and pitfalls, so know to seek the benefits and avoid the dangers.

When Zeng Guofan was marching, he never took a shortcut.

Encamped, always attack to defend, encroaching on the enemy’s territory;

Besieging land, often in years, to the enemy besieging slow jam.

These unclever and stupid methods always work.

Zeng Guofan summed it up as: “The world’s most clumsy, can overcome the world’s most ingenious.”

Not for the long haul, not to compete for the land, in essence, is the life of the long-term investment rules:

One can avoid the shortsightedness of thought by not taking the easy way that everyone does.

After all, life is long and muddy.

Only down to earth, it is the hard truth that nothing will go wrong.

The second commandment: profit may be shared, but not alone; seek few, but not many.

There was a man practicing meditation and asking his master, “What is the proper relationship between a person and others?”

The master said a few words to him.

The first sentence, “Treat yourself like someone else.”

The student thought for a while: this means to compare one’s heart with another’s.

Master nodded, and said the second sentence: “when their own.”

Students do not understand, at this time the master said: “adhere to the heart, do not have to listen to the outside world.”

Two sentences lead to a cautionary tale:

Measure others by oneself, think in others’ shoes, and know how to share the benefits with others.

Stick to yourself, trust your own judgment, and don’t go with the flow easily.

As the saying goes: not only, not many.

Zeng Guofan, a scholar, was in command of 300,000 Xiang troops and destroyed the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom, which had burned half of China, precisely because he understood the truth that “a man who gathers the private interests of all can become the public”.

Before the conquest of Nanjing, the capital of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom, the Xiang army beat down the key city of Anqing.

At that time, Zeng Guofan submitted a petition to the court, ceding the top power to Hu Linyi and the battle power to The green army general Doron A.

Such a great interest, so that people around Zeng Guofan, are puzzled.

But Zeng Guofan did not say much, nor did he listen to others, but he did what he did.

Three years later, the Xiang army directly attacked Huanglong and took the city of Nanjing. Zeng Guofan gave the credit to Guan Wen, the governor of Huguang.

Li Hongzhang said, “When it comes to merit, we should blame others; when it comes to toil, we should blame ourselves.Shengde felt, the beginning of the qu, then colleagues understand, and eventually the provinces so as to effect.”


  • Humans can become superman through cultivation and change

  • Humans can become superman through cultivation and change

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