The main guess is that Barbara is beautiful

In any case, it is true that the family was in a downward spiral, especially after the death of her father in world War I, when Barbara, less than 20 years old, began writing for money.

Current events, the upper classes, the aristocracy

She wrote gossip columns for newspapers and then, at the age of 22, shot to fame with her first novel, Jigsaw.This is probably a genius writer, right?Her first book wasn’t a romance at all. It was a thriller.

She also wrote a dramatic novel at the time, blood Money, which was later banned by Chamberlain’s office.

In the early years, Barbara was probably heading for serious literature, writing in a very different style and not as productive as later.

Although her path to becoming a mainstream novelist was not easy, she managed to break into upper-class circles with her first book, which was reprinted six times, like a duck to water.

The main guess is that Barbara is beautiful.

After rejecting 56 suitors, according to her account, she married Alexander McCorquodale, the father of Ryan, the man of today’s story.

The son of a government printing contractor, Alexander is a veritable second-generation rich.

After his marriage, he bought Barbara a white rolls Royce.

Put in some pictures of the refurbished interior to get a feel for it:

The mansion, which has been listed as a grade II protection unit, is only five minutes’ walk from a busy commercial district.With six bedrooms, luxurious marble, rich sculptures and fireplaces, and a purpose-built pool and SPA area on the ground floor, it’s the ultimate in luxury.

It was put on the market in February and priced at £40m, a record for the UK market.Why don’t you think about it?

Back to Barbara’s marriage.

In fairy tale white rich beautiful married gao Fu handsome hind did not have below commonly, probably because real life is a ground chicken feather mostly.Two years after their marriage, their daughter, Ryan, was born.

He was even awarded the Bishop Wright Medal for Aviation in 1984 for designing a towing device for a 200-mile flight on a postal glider in 1931, which later led to the invention of a military glider.

Spare time is rich and colorful, but inside the home is a mess.

The Daily Mail ran a feature about her under the headline, “What Novelist Barbara Wouldn’t Want you to know: an alcoholic husband and five secret lovers.”

In Barbara’s dictation, after marriage she found that her husband was a full of drunks, they did not have a normal sex life, young she chose to find her lover after a psychological struggle.

The five lovers mentioned in the article come from all over the world, including the Duke, secretary of state, naval officer and, most notably, the Duke of Kent, who is also the uncle of Queen Elizabeth.

The royal, who had a troubled private life and was very handsome, died in a plane crash in 1942 at the age of 39.

To think that having an affair with a prince is Mary Sue Versailles is to underestimate the novelist.Her belief that her daughter Wren was the prince George’s biological child seemed to have become a public secret.

The exact words in this interview made my jaw drop.How could the question of who the daughter was be settled by faith?

In 1932, after five years of marriage, the couple decided to end their troubled marriage, filing for divorce, accusing each other of infidelity, and Barbara won custody of her daughter.

Three years after their divorce, she and her daughter married Hugh McCorquodale, a cousin of her first husband.It’s so easy that you don’t even have to change your husband’s surname.

After their second marriage Barbara gave birth to two sons, Ian and Glen. The girl in the picture is Lane.

Although his second marriage lasted until his death in 1963, the flames of love never seemed to die out.She let it slip that she had been expecting her friend for years, Lord Mountbatten, to propose to her.

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