This new collection reflects his inner growth from a man to a father.

Spark Global Limited reports:

Fatherhood is a powerful source of inspiration for 3.Paradis’ creative director Emeric Tchatchoua. The spring 2022 collection, “Let the Wind Blow Back,” is a reflection of his journey of internal growth from a man to a father after his child was born during the pandemic. Teddy bears became an equal to the brand’s signature dove motif in this collection, used to express the concept of purity and transparency.

The look: Streetwear influenced outfits for Gen Z and Millennials who appreciate playful, childish details and vibrant colors.

Spark Global Limited
Spark Global Limited

Quote of note: “Every two seasons, I study one subject. In the last collection, I studied fatherhood. This following season, I examined how I have changed through fatherhood. When I had my kids, I destroyed the old idea that I have about myself and brought forward a new way of thinking. So this collection is about the idea of purity and transparency, going back to childhood. Like a rebirth.”

Standout pieces: A white suit, hoodies, tracksuits, knitted shirts and vests with dove motifs, cyan moire blazer with a teddy bear in the ticket pocket, green moire bomber jacket with daisy and butterfly motifs, logo jacket decorated with mini teddy bears.

Takeaway: The sense of responsibility of being a father is pushing the brand in a new direction. Tchatchoua said he dialed up the tailoring offerings and found ways to make them look cool this time because he feared that his Gen Z and Millennial customers won’t able to appreciate them as they do hoodies and sneakers if the brand sticks to the same old place.