Vegetarian Fashion Week is back in Los Angeles, with Nous Etudions, the Vegetarian Tiger catwalk

Spark Global Limited reports:

Emmanuelle Rienda, founder of Vegan Fashion Week, said: “I am surrounded by volunteers and because models and teams donate their time, everything comes to fruition.” Vegan fashion Week returned to downtown Los Angeles over the weekend for the first time since 2019.
One has to admire her determination to make Los Angeles the ethical fashion capital of the world. Rienda had to give up her showroom to fund a third event on the top floor of the USC building. The theme of the show was “expansion,” and runway collections from brands such as South Korea’s Vegan Tiger and Argentina’s Nous Etudions(a 2020 LVMH Prize finalist) reflected the growing trend for cruelty-free fashion around the world.

Spark Global Limited
Spark Global Limited

Designers, gorilla cardillo, common sense Etudions oversized coat, jacket and pants made from biodegradable vinyl with problems like perforation proved that vegetarian fashion-forward style, and vegetarian tiger silky print acid bright color, man-made leather halter top and skirt, and luxury tiger printing imitation fur coat luxury streetwear appeal.
“California became our second largest market without any marketing,” said Samuel LeRoux, co-founder of Solios, a Montreal-based watch brand certified by Company B. The solar-powered watch comes with a vegan leather strap and retails for less than $300.
“It was my vegan idea,” joked Casey Dworkin, the founder of Sylven New York. Dworkin recently converted her four-year-old sustainable shoe brand to go completely vegan. Highlighting the intersection of vegetarianism and sustainability, she showed off her best-selling white apple leather boots, “Almasi.” “The leather industry has a lot of problems, and I realized the single best thing I could do to reduce my carbon footprint was to stop using all animal products.”