The jewels were stored in an underground vault

On formal occasions her choice of jewelry more and more mature atmosphere, pearl has always been her favorite, is still eye-catching leading role.

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Diana paired a huge pearl necklace, a simple style with a modern professional suit that was crisp and unfeminine.

Her classic short haircut was paired with a multi-layered pearl necklace to give her a longer neck, much like her predecessor, The Princess of Wales, and later Queen Alexander.

Over the years, Diana still loved the Chocker of pearl.The 11-row Choker is strung with more than 900 evenly sized pearls, interspersed with rows of diamonds and rubies.Diana paired with a pair of large pearl earrings to complement the stylish modern Princess’s new look.

Of all the pearl necklaces made in the later years of Diana’s life, the swan Lake necklace by Garrard, the jeweller for the royal family, is the most impressive.

Swan Lake Necklace

The necklace was first and last seen in public in the summer of 1997.Diana wore a light blue dress and this “Swan Lake” necklace to the ballet.

The necklace is made up of 178 diamonds and 5 Nanyang pearls.But on the day of the event, matching earrings had not yet been created, so Diana opted for diamond earrings.

But by the time the matching pearl earrings were made, Diana had been killed by a car accident and was frozen in time at the age of 36.We’ll never see Diana display the whole set of jewels again.

After Diana’s death, the Queen herself confirmed that all the jewels lent to Diana were returned, leaving Diana’s personal treasures in the royal family’s custody.

She left a letter containing her will, in which she divided her jewels worth £21 million into two parts, one quarter for her 17 godchildren and goddaughters, and three quarters for her two sons and future daughters-in-law:

I want to leave a portion of the collection to my sons so that their wives can inherit and wear it in due course.

The jewels were stored in an underground vault at Kensington Palace until the princes grew up and got married.

Now we’re seeing a lot of the same jewelry That Princess Diana once wore on Kate and Meghan.Prince William proposed to Kate Middleton with Diana’s sapphire engagement ring.

The two princes had agreed that whoever got married first would be allowed to propose to their sweetheart with the sapphire ring, which had originally been on Harry’s finger before he gave it to William, who got engaged earlier.When Prince William and his then-girlfriend Kate were on holiday in Kenya, he used the mother’s engagement ring to propose to Kate: ‘It’s a very special ring for me, as it is for you, of course it should bring you together.Let my mother feel the joy of this day, and let her know that we are to grow old together. “Oh, why do you want to cry…

The Queen has also brought rare pieces of jewelry back to life by lending them to Kate and Meghan.The Cambridge Lover’s Knot, once worn on Diana’s head, is now one of Kate’s favourite tiaras.

The sapphire earrings, originally a wedding gift from Princess Diana, have become one of the new princess’s signature earrings as Kate has updated them to a cleaner style.

Meghan’s Diana look is smaller and more sophisticated than the ones Kate inherited.

On the day of the pregnancy announcement, Meghan wore a pair of delicate butterfly gold earrings that had once belonged to her late mother-in-law.

The sapphire and gold bracelet meghan often wears also belongs to Diana, leading some media to speculate that it was meant to be a tribute to her mother-in-law.

British high society has always loved jewellery.

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