Diana gradually matured in way of things

Her love of transforming old pieces into new ones has always been a feature of Diana’s jewellery.The King of Saudi Arabia, who knew Diana was particularly fond of sapphires, once gave her a precious Asprey sapphire jewelry set when she was married.

The sapphire jewelry set includes a sun-shaped diamond choker, a watch, a bracelet, earrings and a ring.

Current events, the upper classes, the aristocracy

The unconventional Diana added a velvet ribbon to the bracelet, which could be worn either as a short choker around the neck or as a tiara on the forehead, giving it an instant foreign feel.

When Diana visited Japan with Prince Charles in 1986, she might have wanted a touch of the Orient by wearing a velvet choker on her forehead, and her earrings morphed into a pair of overlaid earrings, complete with a sequined royal blue flowing gown.

Diana also paired a Sri Lankan sapphire brooch from the Queen with a seven-dish pearl choker.The eye-catching combination was one of Diana’s favourites and she wore the choker to many important occasions.

The Choker is a necklace of seven layers of pearls, centred on a huge sapphire encrusted with a diamond.The sapphire was originally a brooch given to Diana by the Queen’s mother as a wedding present, but she was no fan of brooches, so she changed it to a choker.

When Prince Charles decided to tear down the veil himself in 1994, he gave a television interview, opened up about his marital troubles, revealed camilla’s identity as a lover, and clarified the “dirty water” that Diana had thrown at him.Diana donned her “revenge” look the same day the TV interview aired: Christina Stambolian’s chic little black dress, paired with the classic Choker, stole the headlines with her stunning beauty and Prince Charles.

As a princess, Diana gradually matured in the way of doing things, and she was also very particular about wearing jewelry.

She has always been in the forefront of fashion, constantly exploring their own taste, really do elegant and fashionable coexist, became the 1980s royal fashion benchmark.

But Diana’s innovative jewelry choices hint at a growing mismatch between the royal family’s conservative ways.Seemingly gorgeous jewelry behind, in fact, deep into the unhappiness of marriage.

It wasn’t until late in her marriage that Diana finally realized that Charles’ heart would never come back.She was transformed and began a new life of independence.

Independence period

Experienced all kinds of life ups and downs, a woman’s personality, the growth of the soul often from the choice of jewelry.

No longer eye-catching with exaggerated colors and special shapes, Diana’s overall style changed to be more fashionable and simple, preferring single, bulky jewelry to show off her aura.

Aquamarine ring

The most classic jewel of this period is this aquamarine ring.When Diana divorced in 1996, her friend Lucia Flecha de Lima gave her the gift of being single again.

Lord of the rings is an emerald cut stone square aquamarine, glittering and translucent get rid of, have a lot of weight, with a large gem ring what is known as the cocktail ring, arose in the last century, 20 or 30 s prohibition in the United States, rich people secretly a cocktail party, aristocratic ladies wear ring studded with large gem, become a scenery line of the party, but also different from the traditional engagement ring to the left, they like cocktail ring in the right hand, and as unmarried status, also attract the attention of the gold bachelors, by the way.

The aquamarine ring was last seen on Diana’s hand at a charity dinner in Sydney more than two decades ago.

Diana was radiant in a blue satin dress with an aquamarine ring and an aquamarine pearl bracelet from the same collection. Oh, my God, that’s the mahjong set That Xibao wanted.

The significant ring was recently unveiled during Meghan’s engagement ceremony.

Weddings in the West have something blue tradition all the time. Prince Harry’s blue element came from Diana’s aquamarine ring, which still looks very chic today.

After her royal highness, Diana’s life was more comfortable and free than ever before, and the fashion cells in her bones were even more obvious.

She likes to mix and match, and whatever royal taboos, beauty is her jeweled attitude.

Diana, who went out in private, became more and more interested in dressing professionally. She had always been friendly with the fashion world and the media, and after her separation she became more fashion-oriented and began wearing fashion jewelry.

Diana often wore the Cartier Trinity rings with the family crest of her mother’s family, and wearing the rings also symbolises independence, singlehood, loneliness and forgetting the past.

From the changeable fashion jewelry and sexy dress style, we can see Diana’s determination to be independent, her confidence to herself is still young, and she is still full of desire for love.

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