Diana had a good time with her beloved jewels

Not only was the royal family so much loved, the Queen lent Diana many of her most expensive jewels.In the early days of the marriage, Diana’s jewels included many sentimental pieces given by Prince Charles.

The bracelet was given to Diana by Charles on their first wedding anniversary.For the first 10 years of their marriage, Charles gave Diana a little tag every year to record their experiences and moods.

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It has a W for Prince William, an H for Harry and an X for the tenth anniversary (X is the Roman number 10).Above was also encircled by a pair of ballet shoes, because the princess liked ballet, once dreamed of becoming a ballet dancer, a tennis racket, because tennis is her favourite sport, a mini st Paul’s cathedral, because they are married, there is a teddy bear, an apple, because she like Manhattan, New York, there is a pig, it is said that because of a very private joke.The bracelet, which she rarely wears in public, symbolises the intimate side of Diana’s marriage.

On June 21, 1982, To celebrate the birth of William, Charles gave Diana a necklace with a diamond heart.

In addition to the diamond necklace, Diana also has a significant yellow ribbon badge bearing the monarch’s portrait on her dress. It is a combination of the yellow ribbon and the head of the Queen, which the Queen herself helped to create to recognise and recognise people who have served the royal family well.The award to Princess Diana, which came less than a year after she married into the royal family, shows that at first she was regarded by the Queen and the royal family as a promising new daughter-in-law.

As a newlywed, Charles and Diana attended a ball in London and were photographed dancing cheek to cheek by tabloid.Diana wore a pearl and diamond necklace and earrings that belonged to the Spencer family.

Each pendant on the necklace is detachable, and the necklace itself can be split into several pieces to be worn as a bracelet.

At the time, Diana did not understand why Charles was so fickle with her emotions after her marriage. Combined with her early marriage at the age of 20, Diana did not adapt to royal life at the beginning.

For much of her first marriage, Diana was dressed in understated clothes and photographed looking shy and unsure of herself.She often wears only earrings and rings, and pearl necklaces, or necklaces lent to her by the Queen, for formal occasions.

But during the brief royal honeymoon, Diana had a good time with her beloved jewels.

Unfortunately, she and Charles feelings into a crisis, fairy tales began to show the tragedy of the core.

The birth of Princes William and Harry did not change their seemingly separate marital status. Sometimes hardship is the best catalyst for growth, and Diana was gradually on the path to rebirth.

Diana was increasingly unsatisfied by the royal dogma of conformity and daring.In a documentary on Diana’s private life, she said: “I was a rebel.I have the guts to always do…Do the opposite of everyone else.”

Apart from very formal occasions, Diana’s jewellery can be hard to tell from the real thing, as playful Diana often sported fakes in her playful ways.

Diana’s favorite hangout was at Butler & Wilson, where she bought this very girly heart-shaped faux pearl earring.On a visit to Saudi Arabia, Diana wore bespoke national dress and a pair of “diamond earrings”, also costume jewellery, with crescent pendants on her ears, which cost her just £23.

On a rare afternoon, Diana would ask her driver to take her to Fulham Road, wear a baseball cap and sunglasses, dodge the paparazzi and sneak into Butler & Wilson to pick out her favourite accessories, including the two star designs pictured above.

In addition to teasing those who stuck to the “royal dogma” with real and fake jewelry, Diana used bright jewelry and unexpected looks to express the bitterness and depression of her marriage.

For a movie premiere, Diana opted for an eye-catching scarlet, backless velvet dress, with a long, dull pearl chain hanging backwards, for a stylish, sexy, rebellious necklace.

When Princess Diana wore an innovative short emerald dridurba necklace as a headpiece to a dance party with Prince Charles in Australia, she immediately drew attention for her “headwear”.

One of the more popular emerald pieces worn by Princess Diana was the Derridurba short chain, which comes from the Derridurba emerald jewelry set, originally owned by Queen Mary, the grandmother of The current Queen Elizabeth II.Princess Diana often wore the derridurba short chain to various occasions, and the long chain was beloved by Queen Elizabeth.

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  • The queen also lent Diana many of her most expensive jewelry

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