Professional dedication

For teacher “try to dead silk ended.candles burn” heart of educating people, for the healer “hard to be picked mountain medicine, g courageously medical people living in the world” heart of calamities, WeiGuanZhe have “desire is undeterred ChuBi, Ken will cherish CanNian decadence” heart of love, is to have “jiang lie lone village not self-pity, still thinking about the defensibly luntai” heart of wei…”No perseverance, no property”, it is to maintain the love and persistence of an industry, it has shaped our character, achievements of our career, in the world to leave a value and clear name.



Dedicated, simple two words but full of deep meaning, a word of respect, reflects the depth of a person’s way, the moment of respect for all people have, a lifetime of respect is a practice, few people to.Industry, “shuo Wen” in the study, industry, agriculture, entrepreneurship…In terms of study, “success comes from diligence, scarcity comes from cheerfulness” is an ancient good motto;Looking at industry, agriculture and other fields, whether engaged in any industry or innovation and entrepreneurship, only the fact is, to explore and follow its internal rules, do not pay little attention to, perseverance, can achieve great achievements.


Dedication, the first in practical diligence.”Overdoing things”, “overdoing things by words” and “skimming the surface” are all signs of insecurity and are taboo in doing things.If we do not correct our mind before doing things, and do not pay attention to the right meaning in doing things, then it is difficult to find the interesting after the cascade and twists and turns in the process.Without the habit of doing things in a down-to-earth manner, not only makes it difficult for us to gain from a thing, but also destroys our confidence in doing things. In the long run, a person will be reluctant to do things, unable to do things, and afraid to do things, and people will gradually become lazy and slack.”How difficult it is to eat all day and have no thoughts!”It is very dangerous to become a jobless layman who even a great educator can’t do anything. The famous Monk Baizhang of the Tang Dynasty once again said, “One day without work, one day without food”. In the eyes of Confucianism and Buddhism, doing is a virtue while not doing is a sin.Thus it can be seen that practical and diligent work is not only the premise of success, but also the foundation of being a man.


Dedication, emphasis on excellence.Some people are diligent all their life, just like an old scalawag. They think it is a blessing for others to succeed in their work, but they don’t realize that it is one thing to do things well, but it is another thing to do them well.Most men in business are accustomed to working at sunrise and returning at sunset within their comfort zones, repeating the same motions every day like machines on an assembly line, and doing so, if by chance, is ephemeral.As a Chinese saying goes, “if you choose the best, you can only get the middle.” If a person wants to make achievements in his career, he will not work hard in his ambition, nor will he pursue a higher goal of striving for perfection.A slice of Kobe beef sells for thousands and is known as the “rolls Royce” of beef.A short video of “Plum Qi” has been viewed hundreds of millions of times, and is called the most beautiful propaganda ambassador of Chinese culture…No matter in any industry, just as Mr. Liang Qichao said, “with the mood of winning”, in the space of his own field, constantly open up and innovate, strive for progress, raise the requirements to the highest level, do things to the best, to enjoy the realm of “if you make a new day, make a new day”.


On the road of life, we should hold the attitude of “deacon respect”, keep our feet on the ground, work hard for a long time, constantly explore and innovate, keep improving, so as to make great efforts in the vast world and write a magnificent song of life.

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  • Professionalism is a good moral character to settle down and win in the workplace

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