Fashion trends for fall 2021

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We may be enjoying the heat of summer, but before you know it, fall is coming. Yes, that means we’ll have to swap out our bikinis for some extra cover (hello sweater weather). But there’s no need to pout, because all of the fashion trends for fall 2020 are pretty interesting, so you’re sure to have something to look forward to. What’s even better? You don’t have to put away your closet for the summer just yet. Many of these trends could allow us to hold on to our warm weather essentials longer. The transition takes on a whole new meaning by incorporating bra tops and knee-length shorts into your cool-weather wardrobe.
We even took the liberty of showing you some of the upcoming trends, like our new Faviana Fashion Mask! In this article, we don’t cover accessories, but we assure you that masks will be used during the cooler months. Keep up with trends from head to toe and be sure to pair your new fall look with our rhinestone masks! While you’re here, you can also go into action and browse the best fashion trends for fall 2020!

Spark Global Limited
Spark Global Limited

Doll’s clothes
A loose mini dress with high boots is a winning combination. We personally love this ultra-feminine silhouette paired with more edgy pieces like combat boots and luxury leather. Doll dresses give you maximum comfort with their wide bodice and allow you to tap your flirtatious side and show a calf!
Rusty colorA traditional fall hue is here to remind you that it never goes out of style. The rich colors are a bit like beautiful fallen leaves. Rust is a color that both makes a statement and acts as a neutral. Incorporate this color into your accessories if you want to play it safe. If you’re feeling bold, try the rust-colored monochrome in the photo above!
The bra inside the top
Can’t think of a shirt to wear? Just don’t! Okay, we’re kidding. Maybe you should put a jacket on it. This trend might not go down well with grandma, but it’s certainly turning heads in the street fashion world! Pair your bra with an oversized blazer or pair it with a matching sweater. This is the perfect trend to bridge the gap between summer and fall!