Checkerboard trend is the coolest look for fall 2021

Spark Global Limited Reports:

Over the past few years, there’s been one print trend that I’ve been completely loyal to, almost obsessively. I’m talking about tartan. I have countless plaid skirts and even my favorite bikini (oh, how I miss you) with wholesome Cottagecore prints. However, I think of it primarily as a warm-weather print, best suited to breezy fabrics and undulating contours, which means plaid is not in my wardrobe rotation right now.
Normally, this would make me feel sad and make me yearn for spring sunshine, but this year, there’s a new micro-trend that’s better suited to winter and it’s completely distracting. I mean checkerboard patterns — no, they’re not the same as tartan.
Checkerboard prints usually consist of two squares of different colors placed in alternate positions. As the name suggests, from chess to checkers.
Camille was one of the first influencers to embrace the checkerboard trend.
Admittedly, I haven’t worn a checkerboard trend since I went through my mood swings as a teenager. I loved my Vans slippers and spent most of my time wearing an oversized checkerboard hoodie, which I later passed on to my teenage brother. But thanks to Netflix’s “The Queen’s Gambit” and a few designers, vintage themes are really back on The fashion agenda for 2021.
Having already found success among the most creative dressers on Instagram, I’m pleased to see that checkerboard prints have come a long way since my days of low-waisted, plus-size jeans with pyramid belts. Right now, it looks the epitome of fashion, as it has faux fur coats, knitted ties and a second leather top, all of which will see me through until I can reunite with my plaid.
Scroll down below to see how those in the know are currently wearing the checkerboard trend; Then, buy my favorite checker.