Throughout the ups and downs of her career,

The teardrop-shaped lover’s knot was one of the most popular diadem styles from the 16th to 19th centuries, and was created by Queen Mary of England to copy a set once owned by her grandmother, Princess Augusta.

It was first owned by Queen Mary (first from left) and then passed on to Queen Elizabeth II (second from left), then lent to Diana (third from left) and now Kate (fourth from left).

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At her wedding ceremony, Queen Elizabeth II gave Diana the crown of tears of pearls.When wearing this crown, Diana was pure and noble, as if she were a pearl that sparkled and sparkled.

The diadem is made up of 19 hollowed-out arches, each of which has a pearl shaped like a drop that falls apart in a descending fashion of varying sizes, and the drops are so flexible that the wearer will sway and twinkle as they walk.

Diana also wore it on several occasions, creating a number of classic looks.

On a visit to Hong Kong with Prince Charles in 1989, Diana wore a white dress inlaid with pearls, paired with a south Sea pearl earring. The pearls on her dress also matched the pearls on the crown, which was very clever.

Although Diana loved the crown, it was so heavy that it gave her a headache.It seems that “if you want to wear a crown, bear its weight” is not just an empty promise.

The crown is the property of the royal family and Diana had access to it, not ownership.So after the divorce, the crown was automatically returned to the Queen.When Camilla married Prince Charles, she also wore Diana’s ‘Cambridge Lover’s Tears’.

I don’t know if it’s because there’s too much opposition from the masses.The queen finally gave the symbolic tiara to Kate, the heir to the ideal Princess crown.

The duchess of Cambridge has always been seen wearing the ‘pearl tears’ on important royal occasions, and Kate has only the right to wear them, which ultimately belongs to the royal family.

Speaking of pearls, I have to mention Diana’s pearl complex.

Throughout the ups and downs of her career, pearls were Diana’s favorite companion. She once said:

If a woman could only own a piece of jewelry,it must be pearl jewelry.If a woman only chooses one piece of jewelry in her life, it must be a pearl.

In fact, Diana was fond of pearls, which was also inherited by her family. All the women of spencer’s family liked Chocker pearls very much. Diana herself was also a loyal supporter of this necklace, which almost became her jewelry logo.

Pearl necklace

It was a three-plate pearl necklace that Diana got from the Spencer family for her 18th birthday.

The main stone in the center of the pearl necklace was originally turquoise, but Diana loved pearls so much that she changed it to a pearl.

The pearl necklace appeared frequently and Diana wore it in several different ways, sometimes in the front and sometimes in the back, giving her two different senses.

On their honeymoon trip after the wedding, Diana and Charles rode through the crowds in a carriage, wearing a six-coil necklace of pearls lent to her by her sister.

The necklace, which Sarah had previously worn at Diana’s wedding, was returned to her sister, who will be seen wearing it at the event.

In her first few years of marriage, Princess Diana’s journey was as smooth as a fairy tale.The sweet and gracious princess with short hair was loved not only by the public, but also by the Queen.

On one visit to the Victoria and Albert Museum, an off-shoulder lavender dress paired with seven short coils of pearls was stunning.It was Queen Elizabeth who lent her this short chain.

Diana wore the four-plate pearl necklace, lent to her by Queen Elizabeth, at a state banquet in 1982.Kate later wore the same pearl necklace to celebrate the Queen’s and Prince Philip’s 70th wedding anniversary in 2017.


In addition to her pearl necklaces, Queen Elizabeth also lent many diamond necklaces to Diana to make a scene when she was abroad.By this time Diana was regal enough to match the ornate necklace borrowed from the Queen.

The diamond tassel necklace, set in round and rectangular diamonds, was made by Harry Winston and sent to the Queen during a state visit to The UK in 1967, where she was loaned to Diana for a visit to Australia.

The diamond necklace, also made by Harry Winston, was given to the Queen during a state visit to Saudi Arabia in February 1979.The Queen lent it to Diana at least three times in 1982 and 1983.Diana wore diamond and pearl pendant earrings, a wedding gift from the Emir of Qatar.

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