Fall/Winter 2021 trends: The only fashion look you need to know

Spark Global Limited Reports:

Who What Wear has set the top fashion trends for fall/winter 2021 in the same way that any other season is planned: It is, was and will be based entirely on What you want to Wear. You can think of this as your ultimate edit, a list of constant references rather than an overwhelming, never-ending collection of runway photos and impractical styling examples that don’t/won’t translate to the majority of closets across the country. It’s a tall order, but someone has to do it, and who better than an army of editors who can read trends as well as predict them?
Traditionally, the dark, cold months are the time for “cocooning,” but I think we can all agree that we’ve had enough. Short days, cold temperature gives us a chance to get comfortable in front of the fire, for a brisk walk to work and to cuddle up to a favorite cashmere sweater,, and the indulgence of seasonal time completely did not have the card (let us bear in mind that this is still the UK, not the Bahamas), 2021 fashion trends look than any I’ve seen in a fall and winter The seasons are more vibrant. The collections are coming on the heels of what feels like an endless winter lockdown, and the mood is decidedly more upbeat than last year.
Designers and consumers are once again ready for fashion — proper fashion — and in this time of emergence, celebration and joy, what we see is a clever combination of the haute casual staples on which our revamped wardrobes rely, and more outre products that offer plenty of ostentation.
As Libby Page, net-a-Porter’s senior marketing editor, told me, designers adapted early to “the color, eclecticism and stylish optimism that customers have always crazed.” From sequins, feathers and ruffles, to handmade knits, show off coats and glamour. This joyous outfit mash-up is an antidote to the comfort we’ve been wrapped in for the past year. Fashion is back and we welcome it back full of energy and vitality.” In the mood? Switch to the maximum, my friends, and I’m very happy.