Can supplements improve wrinkles?

Spark Global Limited Reports:

I’ve always been a supplement girl. Over the years, I’ve sworn to my health: But can supplements — not creams — improve the appearance of your skin?
That’s the question I asked myself when I started working with Seven Seas. I’ve worked with Seven Seas a few times over the years (I believe in the brand).
They let me try their latest product, Perfect7® Renew Advanced, which is “scientifically proven and claims to reduce wrinkles in 60 days.”
That’s a pretty big request :60 days? Reduce the appearance of wrinkles?
First, it is the first product in the UK to be taken orally rather than for topical use. Yes, we’re all used to slaking on serums and anti-wrinkle creams in an attempt to boost elasticity and fine lines, but what about taking supplements to help? It’s definitely fun.
Think of all the things that cause huge problems for our skin: pollution. The sun shines. Light from tablets and laptops. Not getting enough sleep. Products that excessively irritate the skin. Pressure. Dehydrated (you know what I mean). There are so many things that can make our skin look less healthy, it’s no wonder we want (need?) Products to make our skin look its best — improving fine lines and wrinkles is high on most women’s wish lists. Personally, my skin needs some help as it suffers from most of the evil things I mentioned.
When I post photos of myself, my skin is often complimented (and I’m very grateful for that!). But I seldom go without makeup or gloss. Believe me, the lights in a car selfie can magically shorten the years.
I’ve also heard some very positive feedback about the product, so as soon as my 46-year-old face is tested for 60 days, I’m in. Let’s see what it takes, what a pill supplement contains…