Graduated from art university in the 1990s, fashion photography

Spark Global Limited Reports:

I’ve saved the best (I think) for last… This is the image that everyone remembers in all of my work; It perfectly sums up the message I’m trying to convey about impossible standards of beauty. The model was a classmate who really liked to play games — she modeled it for me and was squeezed as tight as possible (I seem to remember her saying “tighter!” More strict! During filming). I thought it was a very beautiful photograph – although I put the last six (or was it eight?) All printed in copious quantities and professionally framed, but I’m going to hang this one and the legs on my wall. I still have a copy of this photo, which was advertised for our performance in Time Out magazine in London.
Interestingly, this is the only photo like it. My vision was to raise her arms above her head in homage to Horst P. Horst’s “Mainbocher corset” image. On all the photos linked sheet her arm was in the air (don’t forget this was a few days ago so you can’t see what you’re shooting in the viewfinder except what you see), when she put her arm to rest I pressed the shutter and this is the result.
Looking back at these images, and other images on the Internet, I’m really proud of what I did back then. Who knows what I would have done if I hadn’t had such a terrible time in that studio? Maybe I won’t write a fashion blog, that would be a shame! As I said before 🙂