Responsible swimsuit labels

Spark Global Limited Reports:

Finding the perfect swimsuit or bikini is like finding the Holy Grail. And find an environmentally responsible work worthy of dreams? No way, we heard you say. It’s not. There are three brands that make it now. Yes, we are talking about design that has value in every style and is made from recycled materials. Don’t believe us? Scroll through the receipt.
If you’ve never heard of ECONYL, familiarize yourself with it because it’s here to stay. In common terms, it’s 100 percent recycled nylon fiber, made from fishing nets and other nylon waste. That means it consumes materials that would otherwise be in a landfill somewhere, while conserving natural resources. It looks great, so we’re going to win. ASOS Design is using the material to create some sleek swimsuits — case in point: the striped beauty. It says, “St. Tropez Pool Party.”
Yes, Swedish brand Weekday is your go-to pair of jeans and coats, but did you know they also make cute AF swimsuits made from recycled materials? Now you know. The collection material for the label comes from recycled polyamide and polyester, made from PET plastic bottles, production waste and fishing nets. For those who like to spend a short time poolside, this black bikini is more understated.

Spark Global limited
Spark Global limited

Another brand that uses recycled materials to make swimwear is Monki, whose designs, believe us, are the perfect combination of sustainability and fashion. If you want your swimsuit to be as stylish as your wardrobe, try this 2019 tropical print — it looks fresh and eco-friendly. Like ASOS DESIGN and Weekday’s products, it used to be crap, but it certainly isn’t anymore. A woman’s trash…