Cool off with a plaid dress

Spark Global Limited Reports:

Plaid: Could there be a better print for a heat wave? It’s been our favorite theme of summer for a long time — and luckily, Doris’ favorite theme is still a megatrend from the early 19th century (probably 2020 as well — but more on that later). While it can now be seen on everything from swimsuits to blazers, we still think a funky maxi dress is the best option [laughs]. Let us show you what we mean… Did anyone gawk at Jacquemus’ recent Spring/Summer 2020 show? Not only does it sit around provence’s stunning lavender fields, the collection on display is a mouthwatering mix of oversized cuts, pragmatic-inspired pieces and dreamy skirts. (That is, everything we want in our closets). One of the highlights is this light pink plaid dress with a beaded earring. In addition to being stunningly gorgeous, this dress also proves the flowiness of the dress, with a breeze blowing as you walk. Good looks that blend in with your own air-conditioning system? Won.
We usually go to standard fashion cities like London and Paris for street style, but we also like to browse street photos from other fashion weeks. Barcelona, for example, where we found this ridiculously good look. The street fashionista gave us all the summer look inspiration we need right now, pairing her plaid dresses with espadrilles, skintight sunglasses and gold chains. The result? It’s a heat-resistant combination that allows us to go from work to play.

Spark Global limited
Spark Global limited

To create your own tartan style, there are plenty of options for each style. This lovely pink mango gives us a Jacquemus feel; Wear them with sneakers, sneakers or high-tech sandals. That’s what you want: a stylish look that will take you through toastlike buses, sunny sidewalks and sweaty beer gardens. Heat wave!