It also sowed the seeds of her unhappy marriage

As a child, she was a little melancholy;In her 20s, she is a movie star with a bright future in her eyes.Middle-aged, she was thin, quickly old;After 60, I have experienced many vicissitudes of life, but I have a more elegant temperament than middle age. My eyes are as smart as those of youth.

 Star, perfect, Hepburn

Along the way, Hepburn experienced four relationships and two unfaithful marriages. Like every girl in pursuit of love, she put emotional damage and transformation on her face.

“My life is more than a fairy tale,” Hepburn said. “I’ve had my moments, but there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel.”

Today we are going to talk about Audrey Hepburn, the work of Donald Spott, a Hollywood film producer and American biographer.

Hepburn was born in 1929 in Brussels.His father was a banker and his mother a Dutch baroness.

After world War II began, Hepburn’s parents supported fascism, especially her father, who became increasingly fanatical and temperamental.

When she was a child, Hepburn was eager to please her father. When her father came off work, she was always excited to welcome him. However, her father showed little interest in her and always ignored her coldly.

When Hepburn was 6 years old, her father packed up and left the house after a quarrel between her parents, and she never saw him again.

It also sowed the seeds of her unhappy marriage.

Hepburn said to her friend:

I kept trying to keep our marriage, but it was too hard, too hard;In our line of work, we often have to show warm caresses, and sometimes we have to pretend to be true. In this circle, marriage is really difficult to maintain!Please believe that I put my marriage and family life first and my career second.

After 13 years of marriage, Hepburn finally decided to leave her tormented marriage.

After her divorce, she traveled extensively, both for relaxation and for healing.During a trip to Greece, Hepburn met her second husband, psychiatrist Andrea Dotti.

Dotti, who was nine years younger than Hepburn, had an Italian sense of romance and humor that Hepburn had never felt happier.Not long after, they married in a flash, and Hepburn soon had a son.

She thought that the marriage was a gift from heaven, and she was willing to give up her shadow and devote herself to her family.But Dotti didn’t just make Hepburn happy. He made a lot of women happy.

He has been photographed hanging out in nightclubs and strip clubs, often surrounded by hot women.

The national Enquirer once reported that Dottie:

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  • Unfortunate marriages may show signs at the beginning and should be stopped in time

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