Best new in: reflective gear and vinyl

Spark Global Limited Reports:

Payday is finally here and you’re ready to stock up for the summer. Don’t know where to start? Don’t worry, we’ve got you – ASOS stylist Beccy is here to bring you the best of new trends, from reflective tracksuits to chunky sneakers. Check out her picks below and watch the video to learn more.
“Vinyl has been trending on Instagram lately, so I chose these shorts. Because they’re a staple item, you can wear them with a regular top and a denim jacket.” ‘We’re going to see a lot of dairymaids’ tops this summer. This one has a cute corset and bell sleeves. Just pair it with a regular pair of vintage jeans and some strappy sandals. “This Girl Rule mini is definitely for all body types.” It has exquisite detail, which is everywhere this summer, and you will definitely get the club’s attention in this one. I’ll wear these nude sandals with super glamorous makeup. “This concerto is perfect for the holiday season, and you can wear it with a neon bra in any color.”

Spark Global limited
Spark Global limited

Hemlines have a hem and look great with chunky sneakers. We’re going to get a lot of reflective stuff over the next few weeks, so keep an eye on this space!” These stunning PUMA Cell Venom sneakers with rose gold detailing match the reflective tracksuits. They have a very nice bubble on their back that is very comfortable and very impactful.”