How to dress for the gym

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Deciding what to wear to the gym is almost as tricky as deciding what to do once you get there. Are you doing weight training, cardio, or more Zen yoga? Well, what you wear affects what you wear, so, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite workout clothes, from tops to sneakers, and everything in between, so you can hit the treadmill.

Spark Global Limited
Spark Global Limited

The first is our own sportswear line: OS4505. Yes, it has the V SS20 camouflage print on the back and looks great, sure, but looks aren’t everything. Strap design provides extra support without limiting your movement, ideal for everything from weight training straight through Zumba. The rear hem is also cut longer to get more coverage, and it’s made of lightweight, quick-drying fibers with elastic AF. All those things you need to find comfort in your feet.
Many of the sportswear features are the same, but there are some subtle differences that can help you get the most out of your clothes. So if you’re more concerned with weight than anything else, make sure anything you buy is specifically designed for strength training. Just go straight to our gym and training section and get all the best stuff — like this crop top and Under Armour leggings combo. UA’s HeatGear technology not only keeps your muscles warm for longer, it also keeps your skin warm and comfortable by keeping sweat away. Speaking of comfort, these leggings also feature padded, high-waisted support and a comfortable feel. It’s just little things, you know?
We have a lot of different styles of blazers on ASOS RN and this Reebok training top is one of our favorites. The clipped, boxy cut isn’t just meant to make you look like you starred in a ’90s music video (though it certainly does with’ 90s tapping on your playlist -), it can also help you stay cool as you work, and when the loose fit can make the heat go faster.
You may not think about what to wear before and after the workout, but it can make a huge difference. If your muscles are comfortable and comfortable, you’re less likely to pull a muscle, so a good tracksuit is a great complement to any workout gear. Retro sportswear style is a real RN with a moment, so put your sportswear gear in action with a very old-fashioned jacket, like the PUMA above. Another song from the ’90s