Do you have a favorite piece or look?

Spark Global Limited Reports:

I’m the sweatpants queen, and one outfit was cream sweatpants with a shirt and a cropped crew neck, which I think is the most authentic look for me. I could wear it with my Nike Air Force or a nice pair of boots. That suit is my daily uniform. I like these little bags; I like high heels in editing; There is an orange, soft dress that I like very much now. There is a green flower dress, I am very particular about flowers, but this is the pattern that suits me best. With this collection coming out ahead of Ramadan, I hope people will be able to buy edits for Eid dresses, and I personally think edits include perfect dresses – they are so flattering.
What’s it like to have your own style editor?
It’s drugs! When ASOS asked me, I felt very honored. I mean, it doesn’t feel like my own editing; It’s a testament to how far understated fashion has come. It has always been seen as one’s own affair rather than inclusion. A lot of brands don’t even realize this yet, but I think ASOS always does what they preach. It’s an honor to be working with one of my favorite brands and to be able to do something I’ve always dreamed of doing.

Many of our clients know what modest fashion is, but can you explain it to those who don’t?
For a lot of people, it’s very personal — some people just want to dress more; Others dress modestly for religious purposes. For me, I’m a Muslim, and for a Muslim, there’s a foundation. We know what modesty is and what it isn’t, but people who dress modestly have different styles. For example, the UK is much more humble [than the US] in terms of the style you see and what people wear.
The editors reflect my style and what I wear, so I can’t represent everyone who buys plain fashion. Modesty means covering up a little more. For me, the reason behind this is that you’ll hear me before you see me. I found it really liberating.