The woman that longs for love

Dottie often takes women to nightclubs;When Audrey Hepburn was in Rome, he acted like an angel;Dotti was so embarrassed when she was photographed with actresses and models that she wanted to hide the women in her car.

Whenever Hepburn was in a fit, Dotti could soften her heart with sweet talk.Until one time dotti took another woman home while Hepburn was away.

 Star, perfect, Hepburn

When Hepburn returned, Dotti simply said, “An Italian husband would be laughed at if he had no mistress.”

At this time, Hepburn also met Robert Wadsworth, who would accompany her for the rest of her life.

In 1981, Hepburn and Dotti’s 12-year relationship officially broke up.

The woman that longs for love, however always meet a person not shu, be hurt by love.Two marriages of more than 10 years each ended in infidelity.

Hepburn once said, “What is terrible about love is that it Withers and spoils. It can twist and tear your life apart in cruel ways.”

Devastated by her marriage, Hepburn no longer hoped for a contract, but for a soul match, and Ward became her final soul mate.

At the time of their meeting, Hepburn was still fretting about Dotti’s affair and Ward had just suffered the death of his wife.They called every day, talking about everything from poetry to philosophy.

Both thought they had met the man they had been looking for their whole life.

For more than a decade, they spent time with each other, working together for good causes.

They traveled to dozens of poor countries to raise money for children.

But to the end, they never got married.

On the eve of Hepburn’s death in January 1993, she was lying in her hospital bed when she saw Ward, who was watching over her, saying in a weak voice, “You gave me the best love memories, but now I’m going…”

In front of the spotlight, she is the star everyone looks up to.Stripped of her aura, she was just a woman, a wife, a mother who longed for love.

Like countless others, Hepburn struggled to find true love and was lost in it.

The difference is that she always believed that no matter what age, you can pursue what you really want in your heart, and even if fate plays tricks on you, you can still live a beautiful life.

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  • A woman who longs for love can understand it, but treat it rationally

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