What to wear to the bar (+ very cute costume ideas)

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Whether you’re going to a school with a big college bar or having a drink after class on A Thursday, this article is for you. In the world of crop tops and jeans, it’s hard to pull off a bar look that makes you feel like a model.

Most of all, it can be nerve-racking to push the boundaries of fashion and wear something exciting when the dress code seems to be printed in bold and underlined. But chances are you’re not a freshman, so you don’t care what anyone thinks.

I’m not saying you need to dress like you’re going to the red carpet, but I want to help you gain the confidence to be a fashion icon, even if you don’t live in New York. Don’t feel like you have to wear the same clothes as everyone else and don’t stand out like a sore thumb.

(A word of caution, if you live in New York or another big city, these clothes may be casual and suitable for going out. Adjust accordingly.)

So how do you stand out and make other people want to wear your clothes and expect them to dress like you? As a European, I am shocked to see other people wearing sweatpants to class. I’ve learned to adjust my clothes for a more relaxed environment, and here’s how you can do the same:

What to wear to the pub – Tips for choosing clothes:
Mix fabrics: Satin and leather fabrics, for example, remind us of a more formal look, so the trick to wearing your favorite leather skirt is to pair it with casual fabrics. Maybe cotton, linen, or your favorite denim. Denim is an after-work staple that you can wear on a night out in a small town.
Light colors: Wearing light colors, like white, will make your clothes look more casual at night. For example, a white silk tank top paired with a dark denim skirt looks cool but not too formal.
Sneakers: If an outfit is too loud for an occasion, my favorite tip is to pair it with a pair of white sneakers for an instant more casual look. Try on your best dress, maybe not a PROM dress, but something pretty, and you’ll see.
Bright suits: We associate color with summer, which is more casual, so breaking up a black suit with some color will make you look less polished. You give up some elegant looks for a more exciting look that will make everyone say they love your body.