Best outfit in fashion history: Freida Pinto in jewel-toned Burberry

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There are the perfect celebrity-style moments, and then there are the looks that really fascinate you, the ones you desperately mimic at home. In the Great Outfit In Fashion History, editors at Fashionista take a fresh look at their all-time favorite outfits.

Assuming it’s a safe space, I’m going to admit a fashion secret: I really, really miss Burberry’s Christopher Bailey. I’m a huge fan of his vision and direction for the British brand, and what he can do with a humble trench is heartbreaking.

My all-time favorite collection from that era was the spring 2013 runway collection, which had gorgeous saturated gem tones, high-flash metallics and sweet textures. It’s so glamorous, it almost begs a celebrity to wear it to the red carpet somewhere.
That, of course, was the case when Burberry showed up in its fall 2013 show in February of that year, with brand favourite Freida Pinto arriving at 35 from the collection: a rich, royal blue dress full of bright green trousers, which, when paired, evoked peacock feathers. Instead of the cropped leather jacket she wore on the runway, she swapped it for a simpler pair of black heels to match the belt above.
She pulled back the metallic outfit with a crossbody bag that was somewhere between olive green and cream gold, adding a splash of color to the ensemble. Pinto’s beauty is simple, perfectly matched with ’90s waves, red lips and matching dark nails and toenails.

I don’t know where Bailey is these days, but I miss his optimism in the fashion world. I also think we should go back to tops with flounces at the waist – CONTROVERSIAL, I know, but wouldn’t they look great with straight-legged pants? Beyond that, I’ll be buying these deep, rich gem tones inspired by Pinto in the fall.