The Muslim fashion blogger is launching a subscription box

Spark Global Limited Reports:

The subscription box model has been applied to everything from Birchbox’s makeup packages to various delivery services, Kate Hudson-approved fitness gear and even marijuana. But there’s one change we haven’t seen yet: This week Muslim Girl, a fashion website, launched a monthly subscription service aimed at Muslim women. Each month’s box has a different theme and will also contain a scarf that can be used as a headscarf if needed, as well as a variety of cosmetics and some wild card items. “We wanted to bridge the gap between brands and Muslim women and really serve the real needs and lifestyles of Muslim women in the world today,” Amani al-Khatathbeh, the founder and editor in chief of Muslim Girl, told Refinery29. The service also aims to truly meet the needs and interests of modern Muslim women. “We see brands trying to leverage the purchasing power of our unique demographic groups, but doing nothing to empower or engage us, especially in today’s socio-political climate. We wanted to cater to the diverse lifestyles of Muslim women without stripping away our identity, “she explains. “We also want to address these issues with products and provide Muslim women with the supplement and revolt they need.” The first box has the theme of a “post-election care pack” designed to help Muslim girls’ fan base deal with the current cultural climate (and prevent hate crimes against the Muslim community), and comes with pepper spray and a copy of the site’s “Muslim Women in Crisis Safety Manual.” The first 25 subscribers will also receive al-Khatahtbeh’s recently published Book Muslim Girls: Coming of age.

Al-khatahtbeh said the theme of the premiere was “a response to this month’s election and the escalating hate crimes and public harassment against Muslim women in the past few weeks that many of us still feel overwhelmed by.” “We want our subscription box to be prepackaged self-care: a monthly reminder to pause, take a deep breath and take care of yourself, that’s the most important thing.” It will be available on Black Friday.
Al-khatahtbeh also hopes the boxes will bring a sense of discovery. “Our box will elevate major brands that are doing a great job of serving Muslim women, as well as small Muslim businesses that are great but people may not have heard of yet,” she told Refinery29. Given the site’s readership, she wants subscribers to include both Muslim and non-Muslim women. “I can see non-Muslims buying this care package to support and get to know Muslim small businesses and even buying it as a gift to Muslim women as a symbol of love and solidarity,” al-Khatathbeh explained to us. The service costs $20 per box, so click here to order on Friday.