Ferrer took a fancy to a Spanish actress

Hepburn was 21 when she met her first love, businessman James Hanson, 29, at a party in London.

“I fell in love with her,” Hanson wrote in his memoir. “I was swept off my feet by her beauty, optimism and strength. We became very good friends and fell in love.”

Hepburn also felt that Hanson would be an ideal husband to lean on.

 Star, perfect, Hepburn

A few months later, she announced her engagement to Hanson.

But as the wedding drew near, Hepburn hesitated again.

At that time, Hepburn was traveling around the world filming, the two were less from each other, the relationship also slowly faded.While Hepburn was torn between marriage and career, Hanson cheated and the two were called off.

Hepburn in full bloom, the future seems to be covered with flowers, but she did not think of the front waiting for their own, is still one nightmare after another.

By the time Hepburn was 24, Roman Holiday was a global hit, loving her talent and wealth from Europe to The Americas.To her surprise, Hepburn chose a second – and third-line actor, MEL Ferrer, 12 years her senior, three marriages and five children.

Ferrer is mature and steady, and Hepburn’s preference for him is actually making up for the lack of fatherly love in his childhood.

“My father left me when I was six years old,” Hepburn said. “It broke my heart. I couldn’t bear to see him again.But day after day, he never came back, and that deprived me of security for the rest of my life.”

Yet beneath ferrer’s mature exterior lurks an almost perverse desire for control.

Hepburn’s clothes, food, shelter and transportation were all arranged by him, and the new scripts were also checked by him. If he encountered scenes that he could not accept, he would delete them directly.

This control and domineer, in Hepburn’s view, were care and love.Fearing that her fame would make her husband feel inferior, she deliberately played down her edge, even saying: “I wouldn’t be in a movie without Ferrer.”

This time, between marriage and career, she chose marriage firmly.

In order to have children of her own, she had three pregnancies, all of them miscarriages.She was 36 when she became pregnant for the fourth time.

Meanwhile, Ferrer took a fancy to a Spanish actress.

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  • Hepburn also thought Hansen would be an ideal husband

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