Eleven plus-size women bought the best fashion products of 2019 so far

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When other plus-size shoppers ask me the best way to find fashion inspiration or cute clothes, I always say social media. Following plus-size women on Instagram has been key to my personal style journey, giving me more unique clothes (and confidence). My feed is full of plus-size bloggers and influencers, as well as people who regularly post their clothes and are just over size 10 or 12. For all its frustrations (insert angry rant about algorithms here), Instagram has been a godsend for plus-size fashion lovers in this regard. For people who don’t often see their bodies in ads, magazines or on TV, this place provides community and inspiration.
When I don’t know what to buy, I turn to the plus-size fashion community on Instagram. That’s why I decided to ask some plus-size women what their best clothing purchases have been so far in 2019. There were a few surprises, a few brands that were mentioned over and over again, and many more that I’ve now added to my shopping list. If you’re plus-size and wondering what clothes to buy now, here are some inspiration from 11 women who have found they can’t live without clothes.
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