If you are no longer young, then always be elegant! You should understand these skills to wear the charm

Spark Trader Limited reports:

Time gives us youth years that we can’t look back, but elegant taste can give us time . Ageing is something that every one of us has to face, but the attitude towards this matter varies from person to person. Some people are flustered because of a wrinkle, while others can accept it calmly, maintain their love for beauty, and let elegance The temperament tells others that the growth of age brings not only the changes in appearance, but also the richness of the soul and the charm that was unattainable when he was young.

Elegant women will not contend with time, on the contrary, they are very smart and know how to let time be their own help. Many glamorous women have invariably taken the direction of maturity and simplicity in dressing. Nowadays, among the major styles of the fashion circle, the casual and simple modern urban style dominates, but there are very few people who can really wear it. If your figure is not outstanding enough, and you want to wear a good temperament, you might as well learn to use the retro trend full of time to give yourself extra points.

What this issue brings to you is the selection of retro style items that are very suitable for mature women. The items with retro charm seem to have come across time, and people can feel the charm of mature aura without talking. If you are no longer young, then always be elegant! You should understand these skills to bring out the charm, let’s take a look~

1. Choose a suit with a large silhouette

In the modern urban style, blazers and shirts are versatile, but most of them are relatively slim models, focusing on the outline of the body, and creating a sense of exquisiteness with a completely exposed femininity, which is a test of the body.

And having retro flavor suits exactly the opposite, emphasis is straight rather than curved , and many retro suit shoulder pads are designed to shape the neat gas field through the material stiffness of the upper body and widening the way, also in the modification Silhouette lines of middle age woman. It is recommended to use the same color to match the pants or skirts of the lower body, and extend the leg length with a sense of visual extension.

small fragrance jacket similar to the suit jacket version can also be matched with this idea. Choosing the size of the medium and long section can reduce the tightness brought by urban style clothes, and the way of wearing a cardigan will be more chic and neat.