In fact, it is all for our happy life today

In 1958, Deng Jiaxian received a top secret mission to the Great Gobi Desert in northwest China to develop an atomic bomb.

He and his wife, Xu Luxi, had just been married for five years and had a daughter and a son who were just beginning to wobble.

Deng Jiasun couldn’t tell his wife what he was going to do, but the day before he left, he took a photo with his wife and children at a photo studio.

This was the only thing Deng Jiasun had left xu Luxi, for he had disappeared the next morning.

For 28 years, Xu didn’t know what Deng Jiaxian was doing or where he was.

The two children did not know what their father looked like until they got married and had children.

During the 28 years, Deng Jiaxian led his team to develop the first atomic bomb, the first hydrogen bomb and the first neutron bomb for the Chinese people.

It was not until 1986, 28 years later, when he was unable to work because of cancer, that Mr. Deng was able to return home and reunite with his wife, Xu Luxi.

Only a year after the reunion, Deng Jiashan died in xu Luxi’s arms.

With Deng’s talent, whatever he did, even an ordinary job, he enjoyed far more than the anonymity and long separation.

Such sacrifice enabled all Chinese nuclear scientists to be saved and no one was killed by assassination. It promoted the rapid development of China’s nuclear weapons and ultimately protected the safety of all Chinese people.

But this sacrifice has also left many Chinese nuclear scientists, personally, suffering from too much loneliness and hardship.

Trapped in the great Gobi for years, they do not need money and money is meaningless.

The country can give them nothing but honor.

But in order to protect them, the honor cannot be disclosed to them, and even their own names must be erased from the archives.

Only when they are old, long after they have retired, can they receive the honour that should have been theirs.

But in their most need of honor and money in the youth, but nothing, also can not have.

All this is to ensure that all Chinese people can enjoy the protection of their own nuclear weapons.

Life is rarely 28 years, not everyone is willing to sacrifice their youth for the Chinese 28 years.

I am very grateful that China has such a group of talents willing to sacrifice everything.

Their anonymity, their separation, their 28 years of loneliness.

In fact, it is all for our happy life today.

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  • The hard work of the ancestors created a beautiful living environment for us

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