Liu Shishi’s autumn wear awards, 4 sets of looks with earthy colors as the main feature, the elegant temperament is prominent

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Since starting work after giving birth, Liu Shishi’s business status has been very good. Although the film and television works are a bit less compared with other 85 flowers, they shine in the fashion field.

Liu Shishi , who has practiced ballet since childhood , has a beautiful body and outstanding temperament. Although he does not have a stunning appearance, he has his own characteristics and personality. With the charm of the “temperament goddess” , he attracts countless fans.

Liu Shishi, with outstanding temperament, has always been remarkable in terms of wearing. Especially after the marriage, her figure hasn’t changed at all, but her temperament has changed obviously. It can be calm and cool, and she has perfected many different styles.

Because of the “hot search” for wearing clothes, she has recently begun to express herself again. And seeing the four sets of autumn look she performed, netizens said that there are templates for lazy autumn wear, and the outfits with earthy colors are the mainstay, showing the elegant temperament of learning!

look1, a three-piece British style suit

This body is recommended to women who pursue “lazy first” ! Liu Shishi’s three-piece British retro-style vest, because of the classic and generous checkered elements, does not give people a rigid professional sense behind the upper body, but wears a high-level and retro atmosphere.

Three-piece suit + shirt, because of the lazy curly hair and red lips, elegant and not lost in style, it is easy to help her transform into a goddess of atmosphere.

look2, the same color of coat + suit and vest