Gigi Leung really dared to wear it, put on a “curtain dress” and went out, more expensive than a foreign husband

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Hello, everyone, I am biu fashion, and I am happy to share celebrity fashion and matching skills with you! I hope my article will make you more interested in fashion, and make you, who look good in you, more attractive!

There are more and more styles of skirts, and many changes are taking place in design details. Many girls may have a strapless skirt in their wardrobes. The hairstyle design of this skirt will look more stylish and can make a The image of people looks more sexy and charming.

Because the strapless design will make a girl exude infinite charm, and it will also make the dressing style more fashionable, and at the same time it will show the girl’s playfulness and cuteness. This style is a more win-win situation and can help us at the same time. Create different styles. For example, Gigi Leung’s match is perfect.

I have to say that Gigi Leung really dared to wear it. She put on a “curtain dress” and went out. It was more expensive than a foreign husband. Gigi Leung really matched her grandfather’s husband. She was dyed “yellow hair” for the sake of western style, but her shoulders were not vulgar.

But you only need to match a whole set of fashions, and your match is almost solved. Whether it is a typical off-shoulder dress or a halter-neck off-the-shoulder dress, there is not much difference in style, but between them The details of the design are a little different. For some girls who are born with better figures, if they have a beautiful collarbone.

Classification and selection in off-shoulder fashion collocation

The first type: people with slender arms

The off-shoulder style skirt design, from the appearance point of view, the effect of this skirt is very obvious, the style created is also more girlish, and has a very elegant feeling, this kind of fashion is very suitable for some tall and slender girls to match, because With slender arms, the overall arm lines will look more graceful, and it will be able to match the style of this skirt.

If you are a person with relatively thick arms, and the arms are also very thick, such a person is not a typical clothes rack, so matching with such a skirt is equivalent to exposing the body curve, and the strapless design itself is to highlight the line of the arm. A sense of curve, but if your body does not meet this requirement, then this kind of fashion is out of luck.

The second type: a person with a beautiful collarbone

The figure of many girls is a typical old-fashioned figure. Such girls will have a greater advantage in matching strapless skirts, because the design of the route will fully show the clavicle. If the overall line of your neck is very beautiful , And the position where the clavicle is connected , the overall curve feeling is also very obvious.