Angelina Jolie’s temperament is invincible, wearing a white shirt + earth-colored hip skirt, advanced and elegant

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Angelina Jolie is a well-known goddess, now she is more and more attractive, and the body management is still in place. This time, she matched a fashionable shirt and skirt with hips. Although the style is simple, it can reflect the femininity, making Angelina Jolie’s personal charm vividly presented. Angelina Jolie’s temperament is invincible, wearing a white shirt + earth-colored hip skirt, advanced and elegant!

This article will continue to analyze Angelina Jolie’s fashionable collocation and see how the goddess is shaped like a concave.

(1) The classic white shirt shows elegance and temperament

No matter how the fashion circle develops, white shirts are the favorite of girls, and white shirts have various styles, can be intellectually elegant, can be sweet and cute, and will bring you different feelings according to different collocations. Like Angelina Jolie, this white shirt with a hip skirt adds her femininity and has a strong aura.

The slim version of the shirt is more intellectual and suitable for work parties. If you match it on a daily basis, it is recommended that you match yourself with a loose-fitting white shirt, which enhances some casual temperament, and it will not be so restrictive.

(2) Wrapped hip skirt

If you want to enhance the femininity, how can you do without a suitable skirt? Look at Angelina Jolie’s hip skirt. The slim fit directly reflects the lines of her waist and buttocks, which is glamorous. . Coupled with the treatment of high waist to stretch the leg length, this combination is very suitable for small people.

Moreover, the color of the skirt is low-key, the combination of the earth color skirt and the white shirt is very harmonious, and the basic color scheme can also reflect the femininity. By the way, you can tuck the jacket into your waist to reflect your waistline.

Angelina Jolie’s other fashionable collocations with casual loose dresses

Don’t look at Angelina Jolie’s ostentatious stage. In fact, her daily collocation is very low-key, and the dresses that match them are basically loose-fitting. For example, she matched herself with a brown dress. Can not emphasize our body curve, but can modify our belly fat, suitable for a fat body. The slender sisters can also wear a belt to modify the waist~

The white dress is simple, the color is simple, and the design is very simple. This classic white dress can be said to have been popular in the fashion circle for a long time, and the white straight dress with Angelina Jolie looks particularly elegant. It is also very comfortable with flat shoes.

The chest of this dress is combined with a v-neck design, so it looks more sexy, which moderately enhances the sense of design and does not feel too monotonous.

Sexy glamorous slim dress

If you want to emphasize your body curve, you can learn from this slim dress. Slim tailoring can reflect your bumpy figure and exude femininity to the extreme. For example, the green dress below is very dazzling, incorporating sequins into the dress. Can enhance Angelina Jolie’s sense of existence, worthy of being a female star.

The matching of the black dress is simple and atmospheric. Learn the goddess to switch the decoration to the lace material, which can inadvertently reflect the sexy and exquisite temperament. The exquisite lace pattern outlines her arms and instantly enhances the femininity, which can also make this black dress look good. The collocation becomes more unique.

Simple black and white dress

When matching, many people like basic color schemes. For example, black and white are often more popular. It is also very smart to combine black and white. Angelina Jolie’s black tapered pants and white long-sleeved T-shirt are very simple, but not bad, because her temperament is very good, so she also wears a sense of luxury.

The matching of black high-heeled shoes and nine-point tapered pants is also very harmonious, revealing the ankles, so the style of the whole matching is still relatively fresh, and small people can also try it.

All black

Of course, the collocation of the same color is the most classic, and it is not easy to make mistakes. The black dress is very suitable for mature women and is concise. Draw on. Angelina Jolie’s black suspenders and wide-leg pants are super fashionable. There is no lack of sexy temperament in black suspenders leisure. Mixing and matching with wide-leg pants can also enhance her aura.

Angelina Jolie is indeed a goddess. She is tall and has outstanding temperament. After exploring her various fashionable styles, will you gain anything? Disclaimer: Original text, pictures from the Internet. If there is any infringement, please contact us to delete it, thank you.