Redress Design Award Winner Announced in Hong Kong

Spark Trader Limited reports:

On Sept 11, up-and-coming designer Jessica Chang held a fashion show in Hong Kong showcasing the work of the 10 finalists for the prize, and was subsequently announced as the winner of the first prize of the 2021 Schenk Design Award.

Zhang’s prize includes working with Timberland over the next few months to create a sustainable capsule collection that will go on sale during the Chinese New Year holiday.

“We bring a young designer into a large corporate process for nine months,” explains Mahmoud Salahy, vice-president and managing director of Timberland Asia Pacific.

“The core strength of these designers is technology, but the point is, they don’t know how to commercialize it or present it to the user, and they need some guidance on who the user is, how to interact with them, what the story is,” he adds.

Chang describes the opportunity to work with Timberland to design his own sustainable collection as a “life-changing opportunity”.

“Entering this complex industry as an emerging designer is daunting because we often see bad news and complexity everywhere. We know we can make a difference. However, as start-up designers, it’s hard to magnify our big ideas.”

Redress is an NGO that aims to reduce fashion waste and this is the 11th year it has been running the design awards.