Nadine Coyle wants Sarah Harding’s spirit to visit her

The “Insatiable” singer admitted that she has been missing her girl bandmates since their death from cancer last weekend. Although she knows her friend is no longer alive, she hopes she will finally have a chance to feel alive again.

Nadine posted a series of photos of the two together on Instagram, writing: “Week without you!! Think of you every day and try to imagine how your new journey will go. Please come and see me anytime.

‘I know a lot of people want to experience Sarah’s spirit time so I can wait my turn. I hope you now know how many people love you and how you have affected so many lives by being yourself wholeheartedly.

“Always inspiration, always light, always my friend!!”

Nadine previously admitted she was “completely devastated” by Sarah’s death.

She wrote on Instagram last week: “I am totally devastated!! I don’t know what words to express how I feel about this girl and what she means to me!! I know many of you feel that way. Now, I want to express my deep love to you! (sic)”

Nadine and Sarah’s bandmate, Nicola Roberts, thought she saw signs of her friend after her death.

In a moving tribute, she wrote: “I am completely devastated, I can’t accept this day as it comes. My heart is aching, and everything we’ve been through has been swirling in my head all day.