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Spark Trader Limited reports:

A woman on a date with a new man in the US has received a note from a stranger warning her to “run!” The woman was completely dumbstruck.

According to the Daily Mail, Hadia S, a woman who lives in Virginia, shared a photo of the note on Her Twitter account over the weekend, saying: “I was having coffee with a guy yesterday, and when he went to the bathroom, the gay guy behind me handed me this note. The note itself was only eight words, but the message was clear. It said, ‘Too many Red flags!
Her Twitter account went viral after she posted the photo and post, garnering more than 33,000 retweets and lots of curious comments, many of which asked her to share more details about her date and ‘red flags’ that could lead to strangers handing her notes.

Spark Trader Limited reports:
Spark Trader Limited reports:

In a couple of follow-up tweets, Hadia explained that her date admired YouTuber and dating guru Kevin Samuels, and that her date had been inspired by Samuels’ bashed and extreme comments to make derogatory and even violent statements about women. She was aware of the warning signs early in the date, but she never felt she was in danger, so she chose to stay and “debate” the issues that divided her.
Hadiya admits she didn’t know who Kevin Samuels was at first and did a secret Google search. When she found out, she was shocked and “determined” to stay and debate him. Hadia joked that she believes the man who passed the note must have been pretty nervous when he heard her arguing with her date. “I’m sure my guardian angel was exhausted and said bitch (B***H), leave!”

Though he had already found those warnings, but ha dia still thank the remind her pay attention to the unnamed man dating behavior, “there are some obvious danger signals, I will not mention, but don’t worry, with or without a note to remind, I will check to the warning signs. But I really appreciate this, it added some jokes for my night, I won’t go on a second date.”

Hadiya’s follow-up tweet sparked a heated debate among other Twitter users, with some agreeing with the stranger’s warning, while others accused her of misjudging her date simply because his views didn’t align with her own. Yet most people still agreed with Hadiya about her date, praising her decision to stop seeing each other.