Wear CHANEL stir-fry, spatula are encrusted with diamonds

Spark Trader Limited reports:

How does a Beverly Hills socialite cook?

In a sequined dress, CHANEL gloves, and a diamonce-encased spatula… What kind of dish does it make?

Check it out today.

In early August, Paris Hilton returned after a long absence.

Paris is bringing her new reality show: Cooking with Paris, which means Cooking with her. .

Since its launch on August 4, the program has drawn strong attention from netizens all over the world. After all, miss Hilton is the grandfather of Drama after many years to come out again, or challenge away from her daily life in the kitchen territory, this picture is just to think about the countless OMG.

Will not… And fry the bacon on an iron?

Spark Trader Limited reports:
Spark Trader Limited reports:

Pairs Hilton and Nicole Richie were filming the Simple Life in 2003. Paris, then 22, shocked the world when she made bacon with an iron. Now, 18 years later, Paris, 40, has made any progress in cooking.

I have read the comments, also very expected:

Don’t know the name of the kitchen appliance, but do know how to fry a steak with Bling Bling’s rhinestone spatula. I’m laughing my ass off.

Don’t be misled by the title, this is not a food show, real skit ~ ~

How can you do boring and funny? Kitchenware and serious cooking tips are cute, and the plastic talk is too short.

I dress like Barbie to go to the supermarket and I laugh. All kinds of kitchen things smell like money.

Why can’t I be embarrassed to see her acting like that?

Paris Hilton’s new reality show will feature six half-hour episodes, each featuring a different guest.



Paris Hilton invited six friends: Kim Kardashian, Saweetie, Demi Lovato, Nikki Glaser, Lele Pons, her sister Nicky Hilton, and her mother Kathy Hilton were the guests, In order to absorb the most clear picture to create a topic.

The idea for the show is said to have come from a video Paris posted on YouTube last year, during the pandemic, of herself making lasagna at home.


The video went viral, garnering more than five million views, and sparked Paris’ economic acumen. If you love watching her cook, you might as well put on a real show and watch it.


“The socialite deformator

Clearly is a cooking reality show, why do people think after watching it is not a food show, but “sketch”? Step by step:

Big miss shopping supermarket: 100 big coffee show

She wore a dress with a pink bow and a pink diamonce-encrusted mask.


The heart does not forget the beauty at any time, so that the staff in front of the supermarket shelves to make hair blowing in the wind movie atmosphere.

The daughter of the big miss shopping in the supermarket also want to beauty beauty mentality is not not understand, at least the equipment must be a blower? No, No, No, pure manpower…

A big brother looks forlorn off camera as he hand-fanned Paris with a large cardboard… Did not expect, the daughter of the big miss’s way of work should be so primitive…

After walking out of the supermarket, Paris casually flashed out her pink CHANEL handbag and complained that the floor had stained her dress. The words did not fall, immediately there are staff up, squatting on the ground for the big lady to dress with deferent wipe clean.


This series of operations… Just the first minute of the first episode of the show.

In the following episodes, the young lady dresses as Hepburn, a little black dress, a string of pearls and a CHANEL handbag while shopping for a steak.

Buy a burritos with a glitter mask and a top hat, like a cowboy:

Generally buy a dish, the front foot pick out the broccoli, the back hand carrying cauliflower is a runway show, the food is important, the posture of walking to take.

The big young lady enters the kitchen: five grain does not divide

Even though the idea of Paris Hilton cooking his own food sounded ridiculous, I was shocked to learn how ridiculous it was.

Big miss does not know leek is what, in the supermarket a “silly white sweet” innocent appearance asked the supermarket staff.


The big lady also does not know what lemon is broken, lemon is in the hand, just think to call a friend.

She also doesn’t know what a tongs, a blender, and a dough kneading machine are:


It’s also hell to operate in the kitchen:

She left the metal spatula in the hot pan and walked away, and Kardashian was convinced:

Dressed in a black coat with long tassels while making a cake, the tassels fell into the cream (she didn’t look worried about the ingredients, she was just worried about the cream)…

Making Mexican food and dumping the metal lid of the salt shaker directly into the blender without knowing it:

And enjoy the highlights of Paris’ handling of the Turkey:

Big young lady does dish outfit: even kitchen utensil wants to set diamond

What’s the difference between Paris’ kitchen and yours? The biggest difference is in equipment. Everything in the lady’s kitchen is engraved with the name Paris in its bones.

Paris Hilton, an early millennial socialite, put her love of Blingbling on public screens in the past 20 years.



Twenty years later, she has brought that glitter to the kitchen.

Homemade recipe, encrusted with diamonds:

The table setting, encrusted with diamonds:

Even the spatula for frying meat and eggs, the spoon for stirring, are encrusted with diamonds… Aren’t you afraid you’ll slip through and get into the food?



Even the patties should be shaped like diamonds:

Except for the diamonds, almost everything in the kitchen is pink. Even the chopping board is pink. “The shape of Love you” is everywhere.


And Paris has prepared her own “semi-permanent gloves” for cooking. For the shrimp cakes, you need a pair of bright colored diamonds:


Beat eggs, need a pair of CHANEL:

To peel potatoes, you need a pair of pearl-studded:

To cook noodles, you need a pair that matches the color of your dress:

To cut the tomatoes, you need a pair of white lace:

In the final episode, Paris cuts Onions with her mom and sister. In case the Onions start to tear up, she and mom pick out the most gorgeous diamondle-encrusted sunglasses from their jewelry box. (So is Drama really hereditary?)

Big Miss cooking results: everything can shine

What’s the result of a busy day? Other people cook to taste good. Paris doesn’t cook to shine.

All finished products should be sprinkled with colorful bright powder. It is not important whether they are delicious or whether they can be eaten, but whether they are good-looking is the most important.


They also put brand logos on their food to show off their identity.

Do dessert to use CHANEL double C die cutting:

Not only does it have FENDI’s double F logo, but it also has Gucci Monogram and classic green, red and green webbing.

The Turkey is decorated with CHANEL double C and Louis Vuitton logos in order to be considered “worthy of death”.

Just fried steak, to put the CHANEL logo on the table…


“She’s very clever, but very reasonable

In short, Paris is all kinds of “monster” in this program, all kinds of “silly white sweet” daughter big lady people set to the extreme, for the program to do enough topic (as the originators of reality show actress, Paris of course know that a program to fire only by delicious food is never enough).

Check out how many kitchenout outfits miss Hilton has packed for the show.

The bright pink dress is part of the Spring/Summer 2021 collection by Paris’ close friend Christian Cowan and South Korean designer Miss Sohee, which was unveiled at New York Fashion Week last September.


The huge pink bow design, which was born for Paris, is in keeping with her usual pink girly heart.


* Christian Cowan is a new generation of fashion designer who became popular in 2014. He has been worn by Beyonce, Miley Cyrus, Naomi Campbell and other stars. He also designed the cover of Cardi B’s first album.

The second look in the first episode is a deep V white outfit from New York designer Cinq A Sept, which he wore while cooking with Kim. Always drama of jinjie have seen can not bear to marvel: you are dressed like this into the kitchen?


They made blue marshmallows and French toast together. I have to say, after watching this episode, I have a much different impression of Kim, who is actually a very down-to-earth one, cooking and cooking, and a model mother.


In the second episode, she cooks Taco with rapper Saweetie, who is just as good a cook as Paris. The two men have an intimate affair with each other in the kitchen, causing some netizens to rush in and cook it for them.

Neither of them lost their look, however, with a very Mexican look: Paris wore a colorful sequined gown by Vietnamese designer Chung Thanh Phong, paired with a gorgeous blue round earrings and colorful rhinestone leather gloves to complete her colorful look. Saweetie looked sexy and expensive in a black lace gown with a pearl necklace.


* Chung Thanh Phong’s strength is in haute couture. He has his own wedding dress brand and many women have come to him to design dresses.

The third episode featured comedian Nikki Glaser, and the two made veggie burgers, vegan fries and milkshakes together. This time, Paris was sexy in a full-length silver tassel and sequin gown.


For the fourth episode, Paris has Us singer Demi Lovato, who sings Frozen’s Let It Go, cooking Italian food. Paris wore a red heart-shaped gown by Michelle Torres with matching red gloves.


The ensemble matched the ravioli, the dish of the day.

The fifth episode features Youtube star Lele Pons, and the two make a Thanksgiving Turkey dinner together. The famous scene where Paris touches a Turkey with her bare hands happened in this episode.

It looks awful, but when you’re done, you change into a little red dress, put on red gloves, and go back to being a socialite, as if the disaster never happened.


The dress, by New York-based designer Alexia Maria, was tailored for Paris, combining the concept of the brand’s Spring/Summer 2021 collection.

The final episode will feature Paris’ mom, Kathy Hilton, and sister, Nicky Hilton, preparing a steak dinner.

But the process, it wasn’t that smooth. Before the meal was ready, the feathers on Paris’ sleeves began to fall off. In order to avoid cutting Onions, Paris prepared a box of sunglasses for her mother to choose on the spot. Chopping vegetables in sunglasses, like mother, like daughter.

The whole 6 episodes look down, drama and funny.

But why is it that no matter how ridiculous Paris is in the movie, she doesn’t find her acting, but rather reasonable? This is probably what she was.

Already looking forward to next season.