It is no longer the realm of mere mortals

Take Yu Min for example.

Iran, nuclear physicist, national honor

Yu Min was a big hit at Peking University when she was a physics student.

Because one year, the algebra test in Peking University was particularly difficult, the average score of the math department was actually less than 20 points.

One report card shocked the whole University.

Yu Min, got 100 points in this exam!

Sling the whole Physics department of Peking University, even the whole mathematics Department of Peking University.

The whole Peking University that group of students eyes above the top, who are not satisfied with yu Min, yu Min willingly called a genius.

Can be called a genius by a group of small geniuses, exactly how talented?

It is no longer the realm of mere mortals.

Here the difficulty, has taken an examination of the people know.

Cheng kaijia, who led China’s nuclear test site, won a scholarship in 1946 and became a graduate student of Nobel Laureate physicist Born at the University of Edinburgh.

Along with Born, Cheng kaijia attended international conferences and met physics masters such as Schrodinger, Heisenberg, and Mueller.

Anyone who has ever been an academic should be aware of what that background means in academia.

If Cheng kaijia stays overseas, the future is also an academic master.

But Cheng Kaijia also declined the mentor Born, resolutely returned to the impoverished new China.

Then he stayed in Lop Nor, China, for most of his life.

The better-known Mr Deng.

At the age of 24, he went to the United States to study for a doctor’s degree. At 26, he successfully obtained a doctor’s degree in the United States.

He was called “Dr. Doll” because he was so young.

Nine days after receiving his doctorate, Deng Jiaxian resolutely returned to China and declined his tutor.

In 1958, Deng Jiaxian received a top secret mission to the Great Gobi Desert in northwest China to develop an atomic bomb.

He and his wife, Xu Luxi, had just been married for five years and had a daughter and a son who were just beginning to wobble.

Deng Jiasun couldn’t tell his wife what he was going to do, but the day before he left, he took a photo with his wife and children at a photo studio.

This was the only thing Deng Jiasun had left xu Luxi, for he had disappeared the next morning.

For 28 years, Xu didn’t know what Deng Jiaxian was doing or where he was.

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  • The so-called genius is recognized as a very talented person

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