Take the hammer of credit to create a great nation fashion

The levee of thousands of feet to the hole of ants collapse, 100 feet of the room with the smoke of the gap burned.In today’s society, trust is ignored, morality is forgotten in cultural inheritance, and rules and institutions are ignored in human behavior.Problems cropped up one after another.If not dealt with in time, it will eventually lead to the “butterfly effect”. A single thought of ideology may determine the course of history. A single spark can start a prairie fire, and it is especially important to establish correct values.People do not stand without credit, industry without credit is not flourishing, the country without credit is not strong, good faith is the foundation of people, therefore, only with good credit hammer, can carve the quality of The Times, create the fashion of great countries.



Morality is the water that moistens people’s life quality with credit.Honesty, the way of the day;He who thinks of sincerity is the way of man.Our country is the help of civilized etiquette, honesty and trustworthiness is the spread of a thousand years of moral quality, not to evil small for it, not to good small and not for, since childhood familiar, and integrity also belongs to the good, is also the embodiment of good moral quality.With the progress of the society and the arrival of the era of big data, credit is no longer becoming abstract. Once “invisible” and “invisible” credit is being quantified and realized.Honest and trustworthy, quality of life has been greatly improved, and a pension need not run in the scene, can brush “face” to deal with government services, truly achieve the “less information run more, the people running errands” at present, people not only pursue “full spring” “eat good wear well” material needs, but to resolve deep-seated ills, meet the needs of people for a better life, and credit to some extent, filled the gap, to improve the quality of the people live.


Rule as the stone, to build the foundation of social sound development with credit.The ancient sages said, “Those who are good at curing diseases must cure the places where they suffer from them.He who is good at saving wrongs must stop their origins.”In recent years, accidents have come and gone. The folds of “paper of trust” have just been smoothed away, and the problems in various industries have been exposed one after another, which is like adding salt to the old wounds of China’s safety body.Now, gather a bunch of people walked “Chinese” cross the road, come to play “crossing”, drive to talk on the phone, have no matter to open the upper beam, these traffic violations to security brought great hidden trouble, enterprise competition is intense, some people in order to be successful quickly, speculation, many social mores are in urgent need of torsion, cultivate the values of honesty into to create a good environment for the development of the golden key, too late, it’s not too late, only honest and trustworthy, converting credit rules, “after the” thoroughly, can avoid all kinds of accident again, solid road paved with benign development for the society.


The system is the melody and the credit is the chapter of national prosperity.As Xi Jinping has pointed out, “The rule of law and the rule of virtue cannot be separated or neglected. National governance requires the synergy of law and morality.The construction of Credit China emerges at the historic moment with the development of The Times. At present, although China’s credit construction system has made certain achievements, it still has a long way to go, and many directions are still worth exploring. For honest and trustworthy people and those with serious credit deficiency, such as “laolai”, rewards and punishments should be clearly defined and precise measures should be taken.At the same time, we should also pay attention to protecting personal privacy, improve relevant legislation and regulatory mechanisms, and make good faith a lasting spiritual bond. Only in this way can all industries achieve sound development and contribute to national prosperity and strength.


What is done in the world is done in detail, and what is done in severity.We should give full play to the effectiveness of credit, and integrate the consciousness of morality, rules and institutions into the practice of strong management, moral integrity and undertaking undertakings. Only by making all work and all kinds of people in a trustworthy society can we make the faithless fear, refrain from words and practice, renew their vitality, and create the fashion of a great country.

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  • Mutual trust, or trustworthy personnel and social cooperation is the key choice

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