Tsai ing Wen forced calm

With the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan leading to “weather change” in Kabul, the situation in Afghanistan continued to attract global attention on the 16th. But in Taiwan, Tsai ing Wen, who posted on social media even after the death of President Biden’s dog, seemed to have nothing happened. Compared with many media and scholars on the island who have repeatedly sounded the alarm, Tsai ing Wen’s performance is very much like being forced to be relaxed. The collapse of Afghanistan has hit the credibility of the United States again. In the face of the warning of “Afghanistan today, Taiwan tomorrow”, the DPP authorities, which bind themselves to the United States, only have to use the excuses of “Taiwan is different from Afghanistan” and “Taiwan as long as it does not mess” to embolden themselves. On the 16th, sun Xiaoya, the new director of the Taipei Office of the American Association in Taiwan, paid a visit to Su Zhenchang, the “executive president” of Taiwan, which “encouraged” the DPP authorities. Su Zhenchang presented sun Xiaoya the jewelry of “good persimmon and peanuts” that day, implying that “good things will happen”, which was ironic at this time.

Will you be the next abandoned child

“We have to be prepared that the United States may no longer take care of a burdensome ally indefinitely.”《 A recent article in the New York Times said that the rapid disintegration of Afghanistan has triggered complaints about the credibility of the United States and strengthened the view that the United States’ support for its allies is not unlimited. The article lists some countries and regions where this feeling is particularly strong, including Taiwan.

Taiwan’s “United Daily” described the feelings of public opinion on the island after being named with “Afghanistan shock” on the 16th“ If the United States abandons Afghanistan, will the Tsai authorities be vigilant about “Afghanistan today, Taiwan tomorrow?” The newspaper said that the U.S. media began to recall the embarrassing scene of the U.S. military’s hasty evacuation of overseas Chinese on the eve of the fall of Saigon. Biden said “the United States is back” and became “the United States is home” in the ears of many people in the allies. Tsai ing Wen’s authorities are still intoxicated with the sweet guarantee that US Taiwan relations are “as strong as a rock”, and are enjoying the pleasure of joining Biden’s gang to “resist China”. Diplomacy is consolidated by the United States, and even the “vaccine shortage” is begging to help the United States.

Zhang Mingrui, a researcher at Taiwan’s “Institute of international strategy”, also raised the question of “whether Taiwan will become the next abandoned son”. He wrote in Zhongshi electronic news that after the DPP came to power in 2016, it adopted the strategic design of “being pro american, friendly to Japan and rejecting China”, which has long been integrated into the U.S. strategy. After the successive “Saigon moment” of the Yimei regime and the fall of Afghanistan, the Taiwan authorities need to think twice about whether they will become the next “abandoned son” of the United States.

Zhao Shaokang, a senior media person in Taiwan and chairman of China broadcasting, wrote on Facebook that the New York Times warned that Taiwan should be nervous about the experience in Afghanistan and feel that the United States is unreliable. However, under the paralysis policy of the Democratic Progressive Party, most people do not know that Afghan is likely to be a lesson for Taiwan. He criticized the Democratic Progressive Party for instilling in the people of Taiwan the wishful thinking that the mainland will not fight Taiwan and that the United States will come to save it. It is stupid and irresponsible.

Lu Zhixiang, a scholar at Taiwan University of political science, commented on the 16th on the topic of “Revelation of modern Afghanistan”, saying that Taiwan must re-examine the overall defeat of the US military from Afghanistan: first, does the United States have enough military strength to effectively deter and disrupt mainland attacks? Second, does the United States have a firm political will to fulfill its security guarantee to Taiwan and intervene militarily in the Taiwan Strait Crisis? Third, can the Taiwan military alone respond to armed attacks from the mainland? The article says that the Afghan tragedy shows that nothing is impossible in real politics, and the DPP authorities have no room to avoid.

Taiwan and Afghanistan are really different

In the face of public opinion warning, Tsai ing Wen’s authorities responded in the spirit of ostrich. Su Zhenchang said on the 16th that the situation in Afghanistan will be so chaotic. It is internal chaos. “As long as Taiwan is not chaotic internally, it can resist any foreign force that wants to invade Taiwan”. Chen Qimai, mayor of Kaohsiung, a member of the Democratic Progressive Party, said that the situation in Afghanistan involves Geopolitics in the Middle East and is different from peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait. It is an international pattern and a security issue in different regions. Li Zhenghao, a famous Pro Green speaker, also jumped out and criticized that “those who will see the United States abandoning Afghanistan as falling apart themselves do not understand international relations”, and self righteous analyzed that where will the troops be put after the United States leaves Afghanistan? Who will focus on—— mainland.

“As soon as people are green, their brains will be disabled. Can you wake up?” Some netizens on the island ridiculed Li Zhenghao’s level. At best, they can only talk about gossip. Su Zhenchang was directly opposed by netizens that “the internal chaos in Taiwan is all because of the Democratic Progressive Party”. In an interview with the global times on the 16th, when asked how to view Su Zhenchang’s statement, Zhang Jing, a researcher of Taiwan’s “China strategic society”, said: “Su Zhenchang can only shout ‘resist the PLA with a broom’ (Su Zhenchang once shouted ‘resist the PLA with a broom’ – editor’s note). I don’t comment on the views of people with this IQ.”

Zheng Yunpeng, a “legislator” of the Democratic Progressive Party, argued on the 16th that Taiwan is fundamentally different from Afghanistan, including the fact that the US military has not entered Taiwan, so there is no withdrawal of the US military. Taiwan’s defense depends on Taiwan’s independent defense, advanced arms purchase and cooperation from the United States and other allies. Zhao Shaokang said that the US policy towards Taiwan is the same as that towards Afghanistan, which is to help train local troops, but the difference between the two is that the United States gives money to Afghanistan and Taiwan gives money to the United States. He guessed that the green camp would say that Taiwan is more important to the United States than Afghanistan, and directly refuted that Afghanistan is the heart hub of Central Asia, with a population of 38 million. If it is not important to the United States, why send 100000 troops to fight in Afghanistan?

Hong Kong 01.com commented that it is precisely because Taiwan is different from Afghanistan that we should be more cautious about fear. First of all, the United States has troops in Afghanistan and Iraq, but when it feels that it has “paid too much”, it can leave at any time. In Taiwan, outsiders may only know the civilian officers in the “American Association in Taiwan”. Can they rest easy once something happens in the Taiwan Strait? Second, if we want the United States to intervene in the Taiwan Strait, it must be related to the life and death of the United States, but Taiwan’s role does not seem to be so important.

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